Jewelry Organization 101

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Is your jewelry a cluttered mess like mine? We are solving that problem today through our guide to jewelry organization for fine & costume jewelry!

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My messy jewelry box!

Jewelry Organization 101

Organization has always been one of my major strong points. I always let it lead the way on my resume, and it was the focal point I used in job interviews. Being organized is important to me, and I love all the amazing organization tools out there! (I confess, I already have my cute, pink 2015 planner ready to go already!) Therefore, organization in other areas of our lives has been a theme this month through our closet organization post & interview with Gotham Organizers and our post about makeup organization–which leads me to today. Above, I shared something really embarrassing with you all, so you can see my inspiration behind writing this jewelry organization post, and I’m hoping that people out there can relate to me.

I’ve realized how I need to constantly untangle and dig to find the piece of jewelry that I have in mind to wear all the time–its NEVER an easy breezy process! I’ve got my costume jewelry mixed in with fine jewelry–it’s all a jumbled mess! There has got to be another way and jewelry organization needs to be a simpler process, so I’m setting out to figure out how to do that for us all. As a result we’ve got tips, tricks, and our favorite jewelry organization tools to share with you all!

My favorite Jewelry Organization Ideas

jewelry organization ideas

These jewelry organization ideas are broken down by the size of your space and will help you get organized asap! For me, I don’t have a ton of space, but if you do, the options are really endless.

For fine jewelry: Whenever it comes to your jewelry purchases that are at a much higher price point and worth a lot of money, you obviously want to protect those pieces and make sure they are always safe. First and foremost, if you have a super expensive piece, keep it in a safe. Second, fine jewelry is best stored in the case that it comes in–so don’t throw these away! Make sure they are stored separately from each other in a dry place with an anti-tarnish cloth.

For costume jewelry: Make sure to keep your favorite go-to pieces visible.  For this purpose, a jewelry box that features clear compartments or glass overlays where you can see inside are amazing! (Try this  LEATHER JEWELRY BOX from Amazon!) For everything else, strategically think about the fixtures that are used in department stores to display jewelry–it always makes us want to purchase everything! Try to incorporate pieces like that at home, displaying your jewelry beautifully, yet promoting more wear from pieces that we often forget about. (Try this bracelet  Bracelet Organizer Display Stand or this beautiful  Telescoping Metal Jewelry Stand.)

For travel: I will be the first to confess that until recently, I used zip lock bags to pack my jewelry for travel. I know! Cringe! But I recently attended an event for the upcoming Erickson Beamson X Lesportsac collaboration and was given the most perfect, metallic on the outside and softly lines on the inside case for jewelry organization during travel. To me, this is one of the most genius jewelry organization ideas. Here is a link to something similar and just as amazing that you will all love: LeSportsac 3 Piece Travel Set!

For small spaces:  If you have limited space for storage (like me), you must be strategic about how you are organizing your jewelry. I HIGHLY recommend opting for jewelry organization devices that can be hung on the bag of a door like this Little Black Dress Hanging Jewelry Organizer by Umbra®, which is cute, HUGE, and has so many different compartments to keep you organized. Then, if that’s not a possibility because you have over-sized doors (like me), I suggest using something for jewelry organization that is stack-able like this Acrylic Swivel Organizer.

Helpful Jewelry Organization Tips

  • Try storing necklaces hanging so they do not tangle.
  • Can’t find anywhere to store your bangles because of their odd sizes? Try using paper towel rolls!
  • If you have extra drawer space (because you hang practically everything–like me) opt to create a jewelry drawer and store everything lying flat.
  • Use bowls! We suggested this for cosmetics, too! But using lovely bowls is such a beautiful way to make sure everything is being stored properly.

Do you have jewelry organization issues? Share them with us! I feel your pain! I hope that these jewelry organization ideas served you well and helped you get organized.

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Stopping by from the Fashion Friday linkup. I’m organized with everything except jewelry. These are great tips! I really need a jewelry stand! Thanks for sharing!


  2. My jewellery needs a good clear out & tidy up! Thank you for inspiring me! Ax

  3. Deborah Hetrick Catanese says:

    One of the best gifts I ever received was a jewelry armoire! It’s basically a piece of furniture with a full length mirror set into the front door. Inside are hooks for hanging necklaces, slots for storing rings, and places for earrings, too. It also has a series of drawers that are perfect for bracelets, and some open bins for storing my finer pieces in their boxes. It also has a lock and key, which makes it all feel even more precious. Worth every penny (was greatly on sale at JCPenney a few years ago!)
    Deborah, Project Motherhood Editor

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