Join My Fight Against Sinus Pressure with #SUDAFEDREPLAY

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Dear Diary,

As soon as you become a mother, you know that there is absolutely NOTHING that can stand in your way of completing your daily “motherhood tasks,”  not even sinus pressure…nothing! There aren’t any little mouths that will feed themselves or work that can be done if you aren’t functioning at your best. We have quite an important role that goes well beyond 9-5, so we need to find a way to do it!

My Experience With Sinus Pressure

We have all been there! Having that horrible moment whenever your sinus pressure is so horrible that you can’t think about anything else but relief! It’s even worse whenever this happens on a day that you have something fun planned that you have really been looking forward to. If you have ever experienced that before, then you will easily be able to relate to my horrible sinus pressure experience.

sinus pressure

My experience isn’t life shattering, as I didn’t miss a vacation or anything wonderful like that. But, I did miss out on a big NYC event that I was looking forward to in the fall because my sinus pressure got so out of control that all I could do was crawl under the blankets in bed and sulk. It was one of those moments where I felt as if someone hit me in the head with a baseball bat and then proceeded to sit on my forehead as I screamed in pain. Ouch! It hurts just thinking about it.

I was so bummed out to text my friends and let them know that it wasn’t going to happen for me that evening. Scrolling through my instagram feed that evening was the worst! It was picture after picture that I should have been in, wearing the outfit that I had hanging on my closet door all day in hopes it would take a spin out to the NYC streets that evening! No such luck though!

Thankfully, my hubby ran out and picked me up my favorite sinus pressure relief go-to…SUDAFED® and I was back to normal in just a couple of days!

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Fashionably Yours,


***Project Motherhood was compensated for this post, opinions are 100% my own.***

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