How We Keep Our Kids Entertained Without Technology

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Summer is completely flying by and the next time I blink my eyes, Branden will be starting 4th grade and Blake and I will we be easing back into our bus stop morning and then running at the park (in the jogging stroller) routine. The one and only rule that I made going into this summer (other than bed time and chores, of course), was that we were majorly limiting our screen time – to only one hour a day. But, living in NYC means that in order to have all those adventurous days that I’ve yearned for, I needed to be really involved in planning and getting the kids outdoors, so that’s exactly what I’ve been up to.

First things first, I had to shift my schedule around. Instead of working all day long and being free in the evenings, I started working mornings then taking a huge break in the late morning/afternoons for our adventures and then would come home and work more after the kids went to sleep. And during our busy days, we’ve always had CLIF Kid Zbar Filled packed in the diaper bag for easy access to keep Branden fueled.

The new CLIF Kid bars come in 3 yummy flavors that moms can feel good about giving their kids. They make snacking more fun and much easier, especially when we’re on the go. They are the first and only organic, soft-baked snack bar with smooth, creamy nut butter filling to surprise and delight kids. They are certified USDA organic and non-GMO, and free from ingredients that parents are looking to avoid, like high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors.

So how are we keeping these kids entertained without technology?

Honestly, it’s so simple. We get out of the house and leave all devices behind. Some days we have an agenda, like visiting a new museum exhibit or the splash pad at the park, but sometimes we don’t. We leave during the time whenever I have a break during my day and just go because the city we live in has so much to offer. On this specific day, we started at one of my most treasured placed in the world: The Strand book store in Union Square. Branden has been so many times, but this was Blake’s first experience and we brought home a few new books to add to our collection.

Reading helps get their brains moving and establishes a sense of adventure. To me, there’s nothing that really compares and it was pretty exciting to see Branden entering the store looking for a specific book and Blake’s mind open to all these reading and playing possibilities that children’s nook had to offer.

And then we moved on to some physical activity, because that’s equally as important, too. New York City has so many different different parks to experience that are very kid friendly and truly a place where kids can explore things like rock climbing, slides, water, sand and so many more. These kids had a blast and definitely worked up an appetite for another CLIF Kid Zbar Filled before we left!

How do you keep your kids entertained without technology?

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  1. I love that these are organic and non-gmo. They are something I would definitely feel good about giving my kids. It’s just my hubby and I (our kids are grown), but we love Cliff Builder Bars.

  2. I have been trying to think f activities we can do outside the house! We home school so a lot of their work is on the computer as well as games they use to supplement. We go to parks, festivals and really anything that seems interesting outside of the house!

  3. The older they get, the harder staying tough on the screen time limits gets–and the more important!

  4. Sue Tanya McHorgh says:

    I think a lot of parents have problems with getting their kids to let go off their devices. This post was very informative. I will share this post with my friends.

  5. That is so good. I do feel kids lack physical activities and non-screen related time with other people. It is so important to build social skills.


  6. I’m so glad we didn’t have all of the screens when my kids were little. Some of our favorite things to do in the summer were to run in the sprinkler, play at the park, and take them for long walks in their stroller. ps: Good luck to Branden as he starts the 4th grade! x

  7. I was just telling my kids how much they needed to get off screens. I was more than happy to get them to a pool today! XO Via Bella blog

  8. Nicole Flint says:

    When I babysit my nephew, I try to take him outside more or take him to the library or museums. I can’t believe summer is flying by! Clif Z bars are the best. I eat them myself.

  9. They are great snacks for kids, with so many additives in today’s food it is great to find snacks that are not bad for your kids. In my experience with my niece and nephew, it’s so hard to keep them from technology, next time they visit I’m gonna tell my sister in law and brother to leave the kids technology at home.

  10. Non gmo snack, it’s always a plus! My dad has a theory “kids should get bored to develop her creativity” (ahah) i’m testing this theory sometimes, but feeling guilty. so always looking for ways to entertain without technology.

  11. Elizabeth O says:

    My kids are older now but we definitely got out of the house and traveled to many parts of the country and the world.
    I think it’s important to teach this at an early age as it creates a familiarity with the outdoors and helps kids learn about all the benefits that can be enjoyed outside.

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