Keeping Our Family on Track With Chime

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This post was sponsored by Chime as part of an Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

Let’s be real here – keeping a family of any size on a budget can be both difficult and overwhelming. Every little bit of savings here and there counts in a major way. With a new one on the way pretty much any day now, I started taking our budget one step further and started making some bigger changes to help impact our family – and using Chime is one of them.


What is Chime? (Because I’m sure you are wondering!) It’s a new type of banking and savings that is targeted directly to us millennials, with a huge emphasis on the savings part. Our generation has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to student loans and a crappy economy, to a point where money is often going out quicker than it’s coming in. We want to save, but how is that possible when our banks don’t make that very easy (think monthly fees and overdraft charges – thumbs down!).

Enter Chime. An easy solution for a seemingly big problem. With Chime, everything is done online because – ahem – this is what our generation is used to! When was the last time you walked into an actual brick and mortar bank? Exactly.

There are no monthly fees or minimums, no overdrafts and ATMs are fee free at 24,000+ locations. This is a big money saver for us, especially if you have a husband like mine who needs cash for tolls on a daily basis – those ATM fees rack up quick! Then, you get a Chime Visa® Debit Card, and an FDIC insured Spending Account and Savings Account that can be managed entirely from your smartphone through their iOS or Android app (or on the web at The app notifies you any time there’s a transaction on your account so you’re always on top of your finances.


But here’s the best part – their automatic savings! Every time you use the card to pay a bill or even go grocery shopping, your purchase gets rounded up to the nearest dollar and then that amount gets deposited into your savings. Easy peasy (as Branden would say). It gets better though! Every single Friday, they pay you a 10% bonus on whatever your roundups for the week were. I don’t know of any bank that does that.

The options and growth are really endless and I personally can’t think of a better way to bank. You can easily sign up HERE without having to walk into a bank either – right from the comfort of your own home! Happy savings mamas!

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