Keepy Launch Party!

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keepy Collage

This past Wednesday, my family and I were invited to attend a launch party for the most innovative children’s App that I have seen in a very long time, called Keepy. The event was at The Children’s Museum of that Arts, which we had never been to before, and boy was it a great time! With Branden starting his first day of kindergarten Monday September 9th, this was the absolute perfect way for us to wrap up our summer activities, get our creative juices flowing for a new school year, and learn about a new App that is going to revolutionize the way that we share everything that Branden creates during the school year with our family and friends.

Throughout the event, Branden got to take part in so many hands-on activities such as silk screening, making silly mustache faces, playing with clay, and creating a magnet for the world’s largest refrigerator. It goes without saying that we had a hard time getting him to leave. He came home from the event with so many fun treasures and so much to talk about! His favorite part of the whole morning was jumping around in the play area!keepy3

During the event, I got an opportunity to sit down with the App founder and mastermind, CEO Offir Gutelzon, for a tutorial of this lifestyle accessory that allows families to snap and save their kiddos most treasured masterpieces. In a way, this App is sort of like Instagram but has many more features and is more conducive to sharing with family. Keepy allows parents to take videos of their children holding up their favorite artwork, a test they did great on, or basically whatever it is they are proud of and they want to save and share. The child gets to tell a little story about their project to record along with it. Then, they can invite family and friends to come and check it out!



The really cool thing is, that unlike Facebook where people would type a comment about a picture or video, with the Keepy App family and friends can record a video for the child, commenting on what the child shared. How cool is that? I know that this aspect will make Branden feel a million times more proud of what he accomplishes, knowing that our family and friends from far away get to share it and show their interest in what he is doing!

In addition, all of the information that we are continuously uploading and recording on Keepy gets saved to their Cloud, where it stays permanently. So as a parent, you don’t have to worry about ever losing these treasured moments.

While listening to all this great information being explained to me, I kept thinking, “Oh my gosh…no more huge boxes of saved artwork piling up? Or no more tears from Branden when we have to decide which things to keep and which to chuck?” Now, you get to keep absolutely everything!

I also think it’s such a great tool for kids to reflect on each year and see how they have grown and changed as an artist and a student. I know when I was in school, it was always so easy to compare your work to the other kids, even at a young age and sometimes get discouraged. With Keepy, kids have the opportunity to take a look at themselves and see how they have changed and improved over the years.

I am so excited to start off Branden’s kindergarten school year with Keepy in my back pocket at all times!  Keepy is currently available at your App Store and is FREE! How will you be sharing this school year?

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