The Keto Diet For Beginners

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If you’re thinking about starting a new diet for weight loss or just looking to get healthier, here’s my tips for the keto diet for beginners that will help you on your journey. 

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The Keto Diet For Beginners

A couple months ago, I shared with you all that I had hired a health coach and all the amazing things that I learned from her. My sessions with her ended in August, but I have kept practicing everything that she taught me and have really been seeing amazing results. One thing that has stood out to me beyond everything was how wonderful I feel whenever I stick with the keto diet and overtime I mention it (especially on instagram) everyone always seems so interested. So I wanted to share a little bit more background on the keto diet, my favorite keto diet foods, and how the keto diet for beginners is easier than you think to achieve.

Overall, for me, sticking with the keto diet means that I do need to think ahead a little but (but not nearly as much as with Whole30), and it works for me because there are more dinner recipes that my whole family loves, so meal time is much easier.

What’s the keto diet?

Ok, I’m not a doctor here, but the keto diet basically puts your body into a state of ketosis, where it’s burning fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. It’s a high fat, moderate protein, low carb lifestyle. The breakdown you want to aim for is 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs, but your daily macro count is different for everyone (you can use this calculator to see where yours fall based on your goals). I use the Lose It App to count my macros every single day (if you don’t do this you risk your cholesterol going through the roof). You will become overall less hungry, which results in weight loss.

I also incorporate intermittent fasting (meaning that I stop eating by 8pm in the evening and don’t eat my first meal until 12 noon the next day – you can have up to 50 calories in the morning without breaking your fast, so I have a splash of heavy cream in my coffee).

How I stick with the keto diet with a busy life

I know, it sounds difficult, but it’s really not. Every diet or way of eating can have it’s hurdles, for me, this requires that I plan and prep like I mentioned earlier. A huge keto diet for beginners tip is to pick up some  Rubbermaid FreshWorks, as they keep produce fresh 80% longer* – so it helps my budget, too. As soon as we get a grocery delivery, I grab these handy containers and make sure my veggies are being store properly before refrigeration. With this lifestyle, I eat a ton a vegetables and that’s where I get my carbs from, so having them there for me, prepped and fresh makes my life so much easier.

Adding to the ease of it all, the Rubbermaid FreshWorks  containers are refrigerator safe and BPA free. Too often, I find that my produce spoils after just a few days and it makes me crazy, so these have been a life-saver for my sanity.

Beyond storage, here are my major takeaways for sticking with the keto diet:

  • Make sure you have things handy to satisfy your cravings. For me that’s sweets, so I keep Lily’s baking chips (sweetened with stevia) in my refrigerator. If you like salty, there are so many crackers you can re-create with cheese and almond flour.
  • Drink tons of water – it will get you through rough moments!
  • Carb up: if you’ve been doing keto for a while, 2 nights a week you can start replacing your fat at a meal with a healthy carb (potato, sweet potato) and it helps with missing the starch. I typically do it in the evening on a night before I know I’ll be running.



  1. I’ve always wondered how this diet works! I went gluten and primarily dairy free and it’s helped so much!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      It’s been a total game changer for me! I’m so glad that you found something that worked for you – I think getting rid of gluten does the body good for everybody!

  2. Hi
    Love your blog thanks for the tip

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