Layer Lovin’

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You know you live in New York City when the heat in your building isn’t turned on yet and your whole family is creeping around searching for robes, sweatshirts, basically anything really warm to conserve your body heat  until you warm up enough to move about. Yup,  fall is finally here and its  full glory in New York City!

We are experiencing chilly mornings where you’re not quite sure what the day will bring, despite what the weather report tells us, with bright sunny afternoons. Everyone who starts their day wearing a coat is seen carrying it instead of wearing it as they head home after their day.

So, what’s a Mama to do when she is picking out her daily ensemble? Dress in layers, of course!

Layer Lovin’ is a great way for you to look (and feel) cozy and warm, while always being dressed appropriately for the weather. Dressing in layers is also a great way to add subtle pops of color and look uber chic while you’re flagging down a cabby in rain, or shine, or freezing temps!

Why layer?

I layer for the obvious fashion perks, it’s super cute! But it also allows you to add pieces to your look in the morning that you may not need, warmth wise, in the afternoon. You will always be prepared for whatever kind of weather you face everyday!

How to layer fashionably:

Starting with your bottoms, I don’t typically find it necessary to layer here unless you are facing some extreme weather. If you are wearing a skirt opposed to leggings, denim, or trousers, make sure you wear thick tights or even leggings underneath.

On top, start with your basic undergarments. I wear a seamless spandex cami underneath everything, because a Mamas gotta smooth everything out! Then, I suggest you stick with thinner layers to start, such as a simple scoop neck tee (long or short sleeve) in a solid color. After that, add something eye catching or detailed such as a vest. Last, throw on an oversized sweater, scarf, and your jewelry, and you can face all meteorological conditions.

Your fall and winter coats should be able to lay over top of these layers effortlessly, without causing bulk. If you do see some unwanted bulk, adjust accordingly. (Be sure to blame the coats, not your body! Coats work differently with different underlayers.  That’s why we need so MANY, right?)

And of course, don’t forget those booties!

Will you be layer lovin’ this season?

Fashionably Yours,



  1. I LOVE NYC and am so glad the summer is over!!!

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  2. You have such a cute blog. Love the title.
    Layers look great. I wish Fall would come here but we will barely feel Fall by November if we are lucky.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Where are you located? We got some cold weather in the city and now its hot again! Its funny to see how people dress right now walking around because no one ever knows what to expect!

  3. Love the layering and fall/winter scarves. Cute!

  4. I love layering. I tend to wear lots of cardigans and scarves in the fall, winter, and early spring.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Cardigans are AMAZING year round! I love all the different weights and patterns that they all come in. I even have a few that almost look as if they are blazers. Cardis are the best!

  5. I’m in Chicago and we to have to layer, layer, layer, but that is one of the things I love best about fall. Layering all those great pieces and accessories.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      It’s def fun to layer!I think everything looks cuter like that anyways! Its difficult here because if you dress in too many layers you will be sweating your butt of when you get down into the subway station!

  6. I am in Chicago and I love fall here just because of the layering. I love being able to layer up all of the great clothes and accessories.

  7. I love sweater season and I can’t wait to try to add a few other layers and jackets this fall.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Layering is really the best! I don’t feel comfortable stepping outside unless I have 3 pieces on…year round!

  8. mnmspecial says:

    I love sweater time and I can’t wait to try some layering with cute jackets this fall.

  9. Melissa L says:

    My favorite time of they year because I could use all the layers! Love wearing layers. Sweater, scarfs and knee high boots!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Love me some knee high boots! I feel like I’ve collected to many pairs over the years that now I’m on the “bootie hunt!”

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