Learn With Homer – Online Reading For Little Learners

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Reading is SO important, we can all agree on that. But, it’s not always so easy to get our kids to sit down and read a book. Yes, there are kids that love this – in fact, that was me when I was little. Branden is not exactly the same. In all honesty, he gets dropped off at 5 pm from the bus, and gets picked up at 7:02, so after homework is done, I feel really bad forcing him to sit and read a book. Maybe that sounds terrible, but I think he deserves some time to unwind after that long day.


Enter Learn With Homer, and all of your Mama worries about reading time will dissolve from your mind! This awesome program can be downloaded for your PC/Mac or used on an iPad for super easy access. Learn With Homer is a fantastic educational app that actually stemmed from Homer’s founder & CEO Stephanie Dua’s daughter whenever she asked her mother about having access to fun yet high quality reading activities that can be done at home – instead of the free, cheap apps that are out there for anyone to grab that just don’t do a very good job of integrating fun with learning. With a system built upon research about how children actually learn, combined with the most innovative and captivating technology, Learn with Homer is a true winner.


Our experience with Life With Homer has been a great one! B loves playing games – he’s truly his father’s son – so this appeals to him 100% and makes learning a fun integration into something he would probably be doing anyways, which makes me very happy. He gets hooked on playing for hours, so it’s truly like having our own tutor in our own living room!

There are new changes coming to this program in the very near future that will take your kiddos’ interest to a whole new level. Children will get to challenge themselves with The Brain Game of the Week, drawing games that further stimulate their creative side, and so much more – all sorts of things that will keep your kiddos captivated while learning. Learn with Homer is truly a great option for both kids who excel in reading as well as kids who need a little extra help.



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**This is a sponsored post. As always, opinions are my own.**


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My little one likes to read, but doesn’t love it, so this would be a nice chance of pace for him. I think I might check it out 🙂

  2. My oldest is almost 8 and he loves to read. This looks like a great program to go with. I may introduce it to him. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting, I am always looking for great at home programs to help my kids succeed. I can’t wait to see the new improvements you mentioned.

  4. This sounds awesome. My kids definitely liked some interactivity with their learning. This would have been perfect.

  5. Anita Fonte says:

    This definitely caught my eye as my son struggles with reading. He hasn’t found that book or series that has gotten his attention. This is interactive and appears fun to do.

  6. its not easy to get kids to read I have a terrible time getting my almost 10 yr old to put a book in his hand. He does love video games just like your son. so perhaps this is a option

  7. My middle child needs a little motivation, and this sounds like a great resource. I need to share it with my kids.

  8. I love fun educational apps like these. It makes it easier for parents to engage kids

  9. My son would really love this! He loves playing games and I love knowing that he’s learning while he’s playing.

  10. I may have to check this one out. While my son does great in reading, and is awesome in math I recently found out that the school has started those state online testings in 3rd grade and he isn’t doing so well because he isn’t use to screen time. This may help him out. Thank you for posting.

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