Mom on the Move

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This post is brought to you by Luggage Online and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

I’ve been planning our latest vacation in my head for a while now. Since being pregnant over the summer and paranoid about the zika virus, we stayed local. Now, I’m ready for a vacation filled with sun, sand and many pina coladas. Vacations obviously mean different things to different families. Some like to go warm places, some cold, some like to relax while others like to be on the move – and you have to make sure you do what works best for your family instead of what someone else tell you that you should be doing. Here are some lessons learned while traveling that I will change next time around.


Lessons Learned While Traveling

For the perfect family vacation – learn from my mistakes!

1. Make sure your luggage is organized and in good condition.

Two summer’s ago, we completely neglected this when traveling to the beach and when we went to get our luggage out of the closet, it was ripped open – and it only got worse. This time, we have learned our lesson and got rid of the old stuff and bought new pieces from Luggage Online, where we found pieces for the whole family that are affordable and most importantly – super durable.

Why do we love them so? They offer FREE ground shipping on all orders $99 or more (we always spend more!), they offer a 110% low price guarantee (which means I don’t have to waste time shopping around) and we always find everything we need, whether it’s luggage or travel accessories.


2. Travel with family.

We traveled with my sister and her family two years ago because not only do we love them, but because we don’t get to see them a lot (they live in Ohio). So meeting at the beach was the best! This is something that we will most definitely do again whenever we travel in the spring because it’s so much fun to make these lasting memories together.

3. Arrange for a babysitter.

It’s so important to me this time around that we book with a resort or cruise line that offers babysitting – even if we just use it one night. It’s so important to me that my husband and I get some one on one time while we are away.


4. Actually relax!

We’ve contemplated doing the whole Disney thing, and we decided that if we do, it will just be for a day because spending our whole vacation in line at an amusement park doesn’t really seem like a vacation to me at all. We will most definitely take some time to actually relax and not overbook ourselves or the kids.

And as an added bonus, I want to share that Luggage Online has an awesome Rewards Program, perfect for families who are often on the go. You can get anywhere from 1-5% cash back on purchases. Translation: you will have some extra money for that spa day while traveling!

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  1. Good luggage is an investment. You want to make sure it’s durable and can handle the stress of being thrown around onto and off of a flight. We’ve got two suitcases that my husband’s boss bought off our registry and after 12 years, they aren’t in good shape, so hopefully will have some pieces that work for us!

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