Life Is Better With ENJOY

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Oh technology! I love you and I hate you – somehow all at the same time. I know that I couldn’t live without all of these gadgets that we have become so accustom to in our lives, but I often find myself wishing that they arrived with much more than a paper manual to guide me through setup (and possibly hand me a calming glass of wine in the process). Until now, this notion was merely a far fetched fantasy, but just last week Enjoy entered our lives and it will never, ever be the same.


Revolutionizing retail, Enjoy is changing the way we receive products that we buy, by making the entire experience more convenient and educational for the buyer.


First and foremost, they are bringing back the hands on, human experience of buying a product, having it delivered to your door, and getting one-on-one setup, instillation, and training to use your new device. They offer such a wide variety of cool products on their online store that spans from iPads to surround sound systems, and more. Literally everything you and your family could want or need. So if you are technology challenged like me, this is such an amazing company to have on your radar. In fact, after having this experience, I can’t imagine shopping for my electronics any other way.


Both Branden and I dabble in YouTube videos and my husband loves to paintball and try out everything that I label “too scary,” so we were really excited for the arrival of our GoPro Hero 4 Session – it’s really the coolest! Matt, our product expert that delivered and help us set up our new “toy” was super patient, answered all of our questions and even followed up with me to answer questions that he needed to find out the answers to. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


The support that you get through using Enjoy is simply unparalleled to anything else – especially trying to decode setup directions on your own. And it’s FREE! I also must add that they will not only deliver to your home, but office, Starbucks – anywhere that you are. A huge selling point for us was that Matt was able to come over for a 7pm appointment, when our family was all together, my husband was home from work, and we could all take part and learn more about the GoPro Hero 4 Session that was about to enter our lives!

Lastly, I have a special code for you all to try Enjoy out for yourselves! Use code RAF-PMH to receive $50 off your order of $100 or more! This code cannot be used on their Boosted Board or the Tile. Move quickly my friends because this deal will expire on April 15th, 2016 – and you definitely don’t want to miss out!

How excited are you to check out Enjoy?!

Fashionably Yours,


**This is a sponsored post on behalf of Enjoy. As always, opinions are my own.**


  1. Wow! The kind of service Enjoy offers is truly RARE. I’m going to go check out what they offer. Thanks for the promo code, too!

  2. This is honestly an answer to my prayers! I may be moving and I was shuddering at all the tech stuff we’d have to set up all over again!

  3. That’s so neat! I love buying new tech, but all the hair pulling out afterwards makes it lose its fun really quick. I need ENJOY to come over.

  4. What an interesting concept and so useful. I have definitely ended up on the phone for tech help before and this would eliminate that!

  5. That’s awesome and definitely serves a need!

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