Our Living Room Redecorating Project {Part 1}: The Before

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Let me preface with this: this is a total “this is our life” kinda post where I am baring it all. The dirty, the messy, the unorganized and the un-photoshopped images that were our living room. I figured that I would put all the un-perfect out there that I possibly could with this project because we aren’t perfect in any way, shape or form and our life isn’t always neat and perfect.


I’ve been hinting at the fact that we are planning a redecorating project and the time is finally here to share the scoop! Basically, we have always known that our current apartment isn’t our forever home and that we will be here for 2 more years tops (we just renewed our lease this month). This is the reason we haven’t put much effort into making it look wonderful.Since I’ve been pregnant though, I’ve been yearning for a nicer space and have made some small updates in our bathroom and our bedroom – but this is a total redecorating project!

It is a very large 1 bedroom and big enough for us to have enough space for Baby C in our room and Branden has our living room which also transitions into his bedroom (see the futon couch above). You might be gasping right now, but this is pretty common in NYC living.


Whenever we started really cleaning and organizing for the arrival of Baby C, it because very apparent that I was going to be on a mission to “nest” the whole home – not just the baby stuff. I’ve cleaned, organized and gotten rid of so many things these past few months that it’s really unbelievable. I also knew that Branden was going to watch all of these new things being delivered for his new baby sister and I wanted him to have a better space to spend his time in, too. Not to mention that it will be more of a place for all of us to be in since little miss will spend much time sleeping in her crib and kicking mommy and daddy out of our bedroom.


So we set out to create a much cleaner, minimal space that is perfect for visitors and family time, but also kid-friendly for our little dude. Getting this project accomplished before the baby gets here has been my biggest mission for during my down time and you could say that it has become my “baby project” that included Branden.


As you can see, this room needed some major help, but it’s come such a long way since these photos were taken. I worked with some amazing sponsors who have helped me with this project and I highly suggest checking them all out and I can’t wait to share part two of this redecorating journey with you all:




Lorena Canals

Have any decorating advice for me or a brand you love? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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