Loving Your Post-Pregnancy Body & Rocking Your #MamaStyle

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As I’ve stated before, I used the term #MamaStyle with confidence and pride. We deserve to be able to express ourselves through fashion any way we want! Those stretch marks and extra weight I carry around my midsection…I EARNED that! So, even though our style changes dramatically from pre-baby to post-baby, rule #1 is first and foremost…be proud of your style and how it has transformed on your post-pregnancy body.

Admittedly though, there is the disappointing side to things. It takes a little bit longer to get into skinny jeans, and cropped tops merely occur on their own after we finish breast feeding and fail to notice that our nursing shirt is still hiked half way up our stomachs, BUT once we have these little situations under control, it is smooth sailing to actually loving our post-pregnancy body!

So, how do you find your #MamaStyle and use it to work with your new body?

3 Easy Steps to Loving Your Post-Pregnancy Body & Rocking Your #MamaStyle

loving your post-pregnancy body

Step #1: Know Your Body Shape

Whether your body has changed after having kids or remained the same, become familiar with what your body shape is and learn how to dress for that shape. For instance, if you are very petite, don’t wear clothing that is going to overwhelm your figure or silhouettes that are going to make you look heavy. If you are an extra curvy lady, focus on wrap dresses, waist cinching belts, and wide leg pants.

Step #2: Know Your Closet

Take some time to look through your closet and take note of any of your favorite colors, style, silhouettes, and even more importantly, the pieces that just sit there! Keep these trends in mind whenever you are shopping because you will have a MUCH EASIER time getting dressed in the morning if you have a closet filled with go-to pieces instead of items that you took a risk on, by thinking “I’ll wear it eventually!”

Step #3: Know Your Comfort Level

This is such an important aspect of shopping! Know EVERY ANGLE of your comfort level, keeping things like price, fit, sexiness, and color in mind. This will keep you grounded during your shopping trips and help you to best navigate through garments that are right for you and others that aren’t.

Step #4: Signature Piece

My favorite reference here is Meryl Streeps’ character in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Miranda Priestly loved her silk Hermes scarves and had thousands of them, which she tied simply around her purse on a daily basis. While I’m not encouraging you to run out and buy a lifetime supply of these (I don’t want to be responsible for your negative bank account balance.), I am encouraging you to find something that you love and wear it every day, effortlessly!

How has your style changed since you have become a mother?

A version of this piece was originally published by Allison in Mommy Nearest Magazine.

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  1. Love your thoughts on the signature piece. I have a large and in charge maxi collection and always feel great in my signature look!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Thanks for the comment Kristin! Maxi dresses are seriously the best and I think we don’t always think they are for everyone, when in reality they are truly become a wardrobe essential!

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