Looking For The Perfect Makeup Organizer? This Is It!

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Whether you live in an compact place in the city or a huge house with a huge bathroom to contain all of your cosmetics, finding the right makeup organizer can be a challenge! Because everything is so little and we use it so frequently, cosmetic items get misplaced and ruined very easily if you don’t think this through clearly.

BUT–my first tip before moving forward and outlining our makeup organization 101 guide, I want to share with you a product that I swear by and highly recommend: Sephora Collection Purifying Brush Shampoo. It’s only $15 and lasts a very long time–and let’s be honest here–part of being organized is being clean! It’s easy to go way too long without cleaning your makeup brushes, so let’s stop that! This product literally takes less than 10 minutes to clean your brushes and you just shampoo and rinse under water until the water runs clear!


Makeup Organization Must-Have!

The Perfect Makeup Organizer Guide

Alright lovelies – now it’s time to get organized! The process of finding a good makeup organizer is different for everyone, depending on the space you have and the amount of products you use on a daily basis. Before getting started, I highly recommend going through all of your products and get rid of what you don’t use or don’t need. Keep in mind that makeup has expiration dates, too–and if you are using it too long, it can cause breakouts and not work properly. Anything that you have been hording for over a year needs to be pitched!


Our ultimate guide to makeup organization.

Makeup Organization Tips

Designate your space.

This is crucial to getting organized. Map out a clear area whether it be in your bathroom a drawer–wherever! This will then become your designated area for makeup, and it shouldn’t spill over to anywhere else!

If you are using drawer space…

You can easily (and cheaply) purchase the same tool that you would use to store your silverware at your local Target and place it in the drawer. This will easily get you started on grouping different products together.

Opt for clear containers.

Use this trick even whenever you are on the go! Clear plastic containers or clear makeup bags make it much easier to visually locate what you need at a moments notice.

Display products.

If you have a lot of counter place (unlike most of us New Yorkers), use that space to display your beauty products…cosmetics are bright and colorful after all! You can easily find detailed vintage plates very inexpensively and simply lay your products on top.

Draw inspiration from the kitchen!

If you are anything like most people, you’ve got a big container of some sort that holds all of your kitchen utensils, so do the same with your brushes! Find a pretty jar or glass of some sort and store them upright on your counter or wherever you apply your makeup.

Use wall space.

If there is simply no drawer or counter space to spare, find something you love to hang on the wall that will make up for it!

Keep one bag ready “to go”.

Take some of those “extras” you just found in your organizational search and put one complete kit together for days when you are on the run and know you’ll need a touch up later on. Then you’re always ready to just grab and go!

Makeup Organizer Products We Love


1. Acrylic Makeup Icebox Jewelry Organizer

2.Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel

3. US Acrylic® Clear Organizer Tower

4. InterDesign Med Drawer Caddy

What do you use to keep your cosmetics organized? If you’re in need of more info on what to do with all those makeup brushes or simply don’t know much about their uses or care, I have a guide for that, too!

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