Making Necessary Edits

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As I was going through my closet this past weekend and making some necessary edits (so that I can add new magical pieces, of course), I realized that its important to edit our lives the way that we edit our closets. As we grow up and our lives evolve, it is important (and sometimes imperative) to make necessary edits to the way we are living, to the people we surround ourselves with, and to the daily choices that we are making in order to live a more fulfilled life.

Therefore, I decided to break this process down into the phases that I go through whenever I am about to make changes to my existing wardrobe and allow it to be a metaphor for my life.

Phase #1: The Evaluation

During this phase, I examine my wardrobe and make a list of things that I know I want to get rid of.

In our lives, this phase would be an evaluation period where you really look at your life, both the things that you love and the things that you want to change. Take some time to really think about what you want out of your life (after all, we are responsible for our own happiness) and what you want to achieve in the future. This could take some time to put things into perspective, so don’t rush it. Some questions to consider:

What can I purge from my life to make it better?

Who/what is bringing me down in my life?

What needs to be added to my life to make me feel more fulfilled?

Phase #2: The Plan

During this phase, I sit down and come up with a course of action in order to make these necessary edits. For my closet, I’m typically planning out what to get rid of and where it is going to go. Anytime I edit my closet, I make sure that I am donating the items to organizations such as Salvation Army. Therefore, this step would include arranging a pick-up date for all of my unwanted belongings.

In relation to our lives, this phase would be the step by step process that you come up with to execute the changes in your life. It is sometimes helpful to come up with a healthy time frame in order to achieve your goals, since we all know that nothing can happen over night.  And remember, things are much more likely to actually happen if you intentionally make time for them.

‘The Plan’ can be a physical list or simply a new state of mind that you plan on adopting.  Either way, write it down, either in your calendar or in your journal. Writing it down seems to help me because it becomes more tangible.  Ask any successful person…goal setting works!

Phase #3: Go Shopping

During phase #3, after I have executed my course of action to purge my closet, it comes time to go shopping, or replenish my closet with the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I feel are more pertinent to my life at that time.

Therefore, this step is where you would need to put your life changing plan into action. Follow the steps that you have laid out for yourself and watch things start to change all around you.

Every person has different goals in their life both small and large, so everyone’s editing process will be very different. But, in the end, we only have this one life to live, so shouldn’t you be living the most fulfilled life possible?

Fashionably Yours,


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