Mama to the Rescue

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Ever since my sister and I had our babies, we have been faced with many different situations with our little men that have perplexed us beyond belief! Children get into all kinds of trouble on a daily basis, and when you are a first time mother, it can be rather intimidating when you realize that you don’t know all the answers. (And even more intimidating when you realize how many questions there are!)

Luckily for my sister and me, our own Mama is a registered nurse, and ALWAYS on speed dial! Our mother has been there through thick and thin, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as our emergency go-to person for tons of questions. She surely has become our “Mama to the Rescue!”

In addition to being a nurse, my Mama is a nurturing mother of 4, a caring grandmother, and one of my best friends. Due to her fashion sense and petite figure, she has been teasingly tagged with the nickname of “G.I.L.F.” among our family. (Meaning: Grandma I’d Like to …well, you know.)

I’m sure many Mamas have someone that they trust on speed dial to answer important questions in their life, other than 911 and poison control of course, but for those of you who don’t, I thought it would be helpful to share my Mama’s Mommy advice with you all!  Below you will find my Q’s and my Mama’s A’s.

What are some of the funniest situations that we, your daughters, have called to ask you about over the years regarding “emergencies” with our babies?

“There have been many stories to chuckle over, thank goodness none of them serious. My grandson Shane found a razor while in the bathtub when he was 2, and in about 5 seconds shaved a large patch of hair off his head from front to back! His mother had only looked away for a very short time, so lesson learned! Always make sure there is nothing harmful to eat, drink, or hurt a small child while in the tub, and never leave them unattended, since they are as quick as lightening! As another great example, my second grandson Branden was very quiet one day during his time for taking a nap. While his mom was enjoying the lovely quiet time, 2 year old Branden was happily painting the walls with poop from his diaper! The moral of this story is:  ‘Never trust quiet unless you see the baby sleeping with your own two eyes!’ ”

What are the top 5 things that every new Mama should know whenever she first brings her new baby home from the hospital?

“My best advice to new mamas is very straight-forward but so important to remember:

1. Try to rest, relax, and regroup when the baby sleeps. Housework is NEVER more important than your rest!

2. Have a routine. It will keep you calm and will also benefit your newborn.

3. Purchase a great parenting resource book to reference when you have concerns about illness, feeding, developmental stages, general care questions, etc.

4. Accept assistance when offered, such as meals from family and friends. You will not be sorry; these offerings are heaven sent. And since these people want to help you, accept it graciously.

5. Befriend someone who is also a new Mama. Friendships form easily when you share an experience, and it always helps to have a friend who truly understands!”

What is the best way to introduce a new baby to his or her siblings to help decrease jealousy issues?

“Let the soon to be big brother or big sister become involved in preparations for the baby! Here are some suggestions that can be tailored to the child’s age… Allow them to help in some decision-making, for example, by helping to choose the nursery theme or paint color. Show them outfits they wore as a newborn that the new baby will now wear. Read them children’s books pertaining to being the “helper” and the important role they will play in this new baby’s life.  Also, consider taking the big brother or sister along to MD appointments to hear baby’s tiny heartbeat.  This is sure to light up the eyes of your older child with excitement and anticipation!  Efforts like these help your ‘big’ kids understand that the baby soon to arrive is real!!”

From your experience, what is the hardest age group to parent?

“The teen years are the toughest, hands down! They morph into aliens to us,  and we become blubbering idiots to them! There is a silver lining though…they eventually come back from being ‘aliens’, and usually better than ever!”

How did you balance nursing, parenting, being a wife and a Mama (of course!)?

“Plenty of rest, a good book on hand, 10 minutes to pray or meditate daily, and rewarding myself with a new outfit, pedicure or manicure as often as I could manage!! Exercise really helped to relieve stress, too.  And, going to work was a welcome break in the action, parenting wise.  I must emphasize that you cannot neglect your own needs while constantly meeting those of others.”

What are some tricks of the trade that you can offer, being a Mama of 4?

“Keep a very large calendar handy, write EVERYTHING on it, check it every evening to prepare well for the following day; write your To Do List daily, scratch off as you go, limit your list to 3-4  errands/ chores/ calls per day to not overwhelm yourself.  Then you can feel a well-deserved sense of accomplishment at the end of each and every day.”

Well ladies, that’s it from my Mama. Aren’t I so fortunate to have her?! I hope that her advice answers some questions for you all. And most of all, I hope you realize that someday, YOU will be the expert when your own children have babies, even if you can’t imagine that now!

If you have any more questions for my Mama, feel free to send me an email, and question away!  As she would tell you, a good Mama is always there to help, just a single speed dial away!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. You are very lucky to have a loving mom who is also a nurse! If my mom was a nurse, I would be calling her ALL the time! 🙂 #TBTlinkup

  2. Your mother is a very wise woman. You are fortunate to have her in your life. #TBTlinkup

  3. Your mom sounds amazing! The razor story horrifies me, thinking of throwing out my razors now. This is all really great advice, so glad I found this via the #TBTlinkup!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      Thanks so much Michelle! She’s one fab lady! I know…such a scary situation! Have a happy Mother’s Day and thanks for linking up!

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