Maternity Must Haves: dapperbag + Loyal Hanna

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Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. It can also be a very uncomfortable thing, but I never realized how much it’s beauty truly outweighs any negatives until being pregnant this time around. Yes, from reading my journey and my bumpdates, you know that I’m having a rough time. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking and seeing the good in it, too. Our bodies as pregnant women truly do amazing things, but sometimes we need things like these maternity must-haves to help us along the way.



// Jewelry c/o Sequin NYC//

My pregnancy with Branden was definitely more concealed AND I was literally pregnant head to toe. People could never really tell if I was pregnant when they saw me or if I had just gained a little weight – and maternity clothes didn’t really have a place on that changing body. Not to mention that I was pregnant during a time when I was still really learning to love and accept myself and body, something that I think comes with age.


I’ve said it before and I will say again: every wardrobe starts with an amazing bag. It’s truly that pinnacle piece that an entire wardrobe can be built around. When you find out you are expecting, the thought of finding a sophisticated bag that matches your personality can be daunting – you don’t want to lose yourself in motherhood, but you want it to be a functional piece of your life as well. This Sedalia bag from dapperbag is all of that rolled into one.


It of course comes with all the essentials you need for it to be a diaper bag: loads of pockets and storage and a changing pad, but there’s so much more! The Sedalia bag can actually be a crossbody or a backpack, is made with black pebble leather and the interior is stain and water resistant. Perfect for everything motherhood brings

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// Sedalia Bag c/o dapperbag //


I seriously picture myself living in this Loyal Hanna Marni Jumpsuit all fall – yes, I said FALL! Loyal Hanna pieces are designed to take you through your third trimester all the way through nursing and literally have hidden pockets and zippers in all of their clothes that help make nursing way easier while on the go our just lounging at home.


This jumpsuit is beyond comfortable and I promise you will see it again with booties and a blazer as we transition into chillier months – it’s really that quintessential piece to order during your third trimester. Also check out one of their blouses that I wore HERE.


Last one with a smile! Though, I can’t help looking down at this growing belly every single chance I get. This little girl is so incredibly active that at any given moment I can pretty much look down and see her moving. I read somewhere that babies like to be lulled to sleep inside the womb kind of like they like to be rocked outside the womb – and sometimes when they kick they are trying to tell us to get up and move. But she’s moving all the time and at 8 and a half months into this pregnancy, I don’t need to be counting kicks – because she hasn’t slowed down one bit. (Okay, I guess that makes her a lot like her mama!)

// Marni Jumpsuit c/o Loyal Hanna //

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