Micro Mini Scooter Review

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The Micro Mini Scooter is a great, fun, outdoor activity for kids that is safe and exciting for them to feel like a big kid and learn important skills, too.

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Micro Mini Scooter Review

Lately, we’ve been struggling to find time for Family fun and activities. In post holidays New York City, it almost seems like everyone shuts down, hiding away from the cold outside and hibernating until Spring. Even so, we are big park people and would probably bundle up and play outside during the cold February days, but even our park has been locked up until further notice.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, Branden was gifted an awesome Micro Mini Scooter from Kickboard USA and went as far to describe this moment as “the best day ever!” Whenever this kid friendly company reached out to me, Branden had the fun opportunity to check out their website and pick which of the vibrant nine colors that the scooters come in, to be his. He chose the brilliant Aqua scooter and excitedly awaited its arrival.

Micro Mini Scooter Details


They are three wheel scooters that are only 3.3 pounds, making them easy for even little kiddos to pick up and use on their own. The brakes in the back work easily and after a few tries, my little man had it down pat. These scooters look just like what the big kids are riding around in, except they are stable enough for a 3-5 year old to use. And whenever your kids outgrow this model, they have additional mico mini scooters in different sizes for them to grow into.

So, the Cooper family got all bundled up and took Branden outside for some scooter fun! He surely burned off some steam and found a new toy to treasure! And we all benefited from breaking our cabin fever, thanks to an ingenious new find! Thank you, Micro Mini Scooter, from Branden, Chris, and Allison!

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  1. A kick scooter has more advantages over a bike as an alternative mode of transportation in an urban setting. A scooter is portable and storable as well as being easy to manuver between obstacles.

  2. There’s a fall sale going on now – 25% off scooters at KickboardUSA through October 31st! Use the HOLIDAY2013 coupon code at checkout: http://www.kickboardusa.com

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