Momma Love: Capturing Moments With Your Loved Ones

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Happy Shopping Friday Mamas!

I have an amazing product to share with you all today as well as a wonderful story to go with it…just in time for Mother’s Day!

Last week, my friend and fellow NYC blogger Kristin Strange (Check her out at My Strange Family!) had an intimate event at her home, introducing us to renowned photographer Ali Smith and her latest work of art–Momma Love: How The Mother Half Lives. Ali is so wonderful at catching moments through her photography that it truly inspired us all to get out there and become better photographers (with our iphones, of course!) and capturing impactful moments between us and our families.

Momma Love: About The Book

momma loveThis is one of those books that are truly meant to be treasured and left in an visible space for conversation whenever you open your home to loved ones. The book is a journey that Ali has taken over the last twelve years, documenting women’s lives through motherhood–the good and the hard moments alike. It is an eye opening experience leafing through each page, as you feel a sense of camaraderie with these women as well as a need to tell their stories to everyone that you know.

It is truly a feel good book that makes you proud to be grouped into the category of “Momma” with these women and what they have accomplished. Bravo to Ali Smith for her hard work, dedication, and effortless talent that comes to life through each page!

During the event, Ali went through some of her top tips for snapping pictures of your loved ones and being able to capture those moments that you yearn for in your photographs:

  1. Ban the word “cheese” from your photographic life: Using this work typically yields that strained “picture face,” which can be very unauthentic. Try doing something funny to get your kids to smile!
  2. Don’t get married to one result: Be open to different ideas and different results.
  3. Look for the light: Always know where your light source is coming from and use that to your advantage.
  4. Change your perspective: You can change things such as your physical height in order to be on your child’s level or even take pictures at unexpected angles.
  5. Distract your subject: Talk to your kiddos abut something they are interested in while snapping away, or call their attention to something other than the camera.
  6. Don’t let other parents interfere unless they are really helping: Sometimes when OTHER adults are behind you trying to direct the photo that you are snapping, it can totally be shown through the way the picture turns out. Unless the adult is truly helping, ask them to take a seat!

Lastly, Ali snapped some pics of us while we were at the event, and captured this picture of me that I’m pretty much obsessed with. Its more than just a photograph to me, she captured me during a moment where I was clearly in a happy thought. I was relaxed while surrounded a group of wonderful friends learning something new that will help me tremendously!

AliSmith_KristStrange_MLParty0594 (2)

In advance, I want to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day, and if you are looking for a wonderful gift (either to give OR receive), I HIGHLY suggest checking out this wonderful book! You can purchase it by clicking HERE!

Fashionably Yours,


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