To The Moms Who Just Need To Know They’re Doing Okay

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I sit here writing today with a screaming infant in my arms. I’m self-diagnosing it as colic, but we will see what the doctor says at her one month appointment in a few days (ya… a few days late because I’m behind on work – mom of the year right here). I only slept for 4 hours total last night, had to get Branden to the bus stop at 6:50am, and of course – Blake gets  dragged along with me in the baby carrier…because…well…good ol’ second child syndrome. Branden’s birthday is this week and his friend party is on Sunday, so I’ve been running around trying to make sure everything is perfect since it’s really the first year that we’ve been able to afford to do a big friend’s party in Manhattan – so I want it to be just right.


This week, I have my follow-up appointment with my midwife and honestly I’m excited and scared all at the same time to be cleared to go back to my normal activities (you know what I mean!). I’m worried about how I’m going to fit running and yoga back into my life and dropping the baby weight. It’s exhausting being inside my head right now.

Moms, I know that you are all going through your own version of that, and I just want to say that I’m with you and you’re doing okay.

It’s seriously moments like these that make me look at myself and what I’ve accomplished and feel like having a newborn has given me superhuman powers. But then there are also days when I feel like I have accomplished nothing at all. But the truth is, my dear mamas, we totally have superhuman status. YOU have superhuman status.


Don’t let the tough moments bring you down. They will test you – but pahl-lease – you are stronger than that. Remember pushing a human out of your body? Yes, if you can do that (and you did), you can do anything. But believe me, I feel you. I have one sassy (soon-to-be) eight year old who loves to make me sound like a broken record on the daily. And his talking back? Yup, happens all the time and makes me feel like a failure.


Some days it’s harder than others to see through the fog. We are focused on schedules, timelines, and lenthy to-do lists guiding us through each day that we don’t have a second to stop and see all the wonderful that we do accomplish. So to my mama friends out there, friends IRL or not, my mom tribe – you are amazing and a rockstar every single day.

Sometimes, we just need the reminder.

Fashionably Yours,


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