More Than a Mamanista…

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I had the rare chance the other night to watch one of my favorite shows of all time, Project Runway, without any interruptions from child, husband, or phone. What I really love about this show is how the contestants have to respond to situations and obstacles at a moment’s notice,  creating beauty and elegance at the drop of a hat with limited or unusual raw materials. This is just like mothering, it suddenly occurred to me!

And in that moment, I realized that the title of “mamanista” doesn’t fully express what I want this blog or my parenting to be about.  It is not about the marriage of fashion and motherhood, but so much more than that!

Becoming a mother and figuring out what works best for you and your family is a “project” within itself.  Then there are daily factors such as career, hobbies (fashion), activities (shopping), to add to the equation. Being able to master balancing it all is truly an art within itself.

Therefore, I am more than just a “mamanista”.  This blog is about me. About who I am. About the challenges I will face, the ups and down in life, and my passions. It is about my love of fashion, of my husband, of my son. About how I want to grow as a woman,  a wife, and a mother.  About the values with which I want to live my life.  And of course, my striving for perfection in all I do, even though I know perfection is unattainable.

So yes, I have expanded my horizons. It is quite amazing how some alone time and some inspirational, fashion related television can put things into perspective.  So yes, dear Diary, I think that PROJECT: MOTHERHOOD says it all!

Fashionably yours,



  1. Love the expanded roll you describe, you are more than a mamanista, your emphasis is on the most important part “MAMA” Good luck, love to hear how your day’s go!!!
    your#1 fan DADANISTA!!

  2. Deborah Catanese says:

    Wherever you go, Ali, there YOU are, no matter what you call yourself! And YOU indeed are awesome.
    <3 "Debanista" 🙂

  3. Andrea Burkhart says:

    I love reading though your prospective; how you categorize yourself as not only a wife and mother, but also a writer. You are staying true to yourself and your passions; you are pursuing your career with so much on your plate, and reserving time for hobbies. I think it’s really inspiring that you have found the perfect balance.

  4. Alyssa Russo says:

    You have me drawn in! Your writing is quite addictive. Keep it coming and I’ll keep reading! So proud of you for working so hard toward your dreams. Work it girl, life is your runway <3

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