Moving Forward

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I have to admit, I contemplated a bit about even writing anything about the new year at all. Everywhere I looked and everyone I talked to seemed to have nothing good to say about 2016 and are ready for 2017 to take the wheel. I, on the other hand, have conflicting feelings. Last year, I wrote about how we were hoping for change in our lives  and 2016 brought just that. Little did everyone know at the time, but when I wrote those words just one year ago, I was pregnant with our little Blake and already knew that change had arrived.

Blake has been the biggest blessing and brought together our family in ways that I have never dreamt that she could. Our family is more connected now than ever and she was truly the puzzle piece that we all felt we were missing the second that she was born. Her smile lights up all of our faces and there is nothing that I love more in this world then watching Branden be a big brother and Chris now be a girl dad, too. They are the best father and son duo and I know that as long as I have this little family by my side that anything is possible. I’m excited about the future of the Coopers and know that if we continue to work hard, we will eventually reach our goals of moving out of the city and buying a home that we love. But, that will happen when it’s meant to.

I’m thankful for everything that 2016 brought in our lives and the word “change” certainly described just that. We in addition to expanding our family, Chris started a new job that brought us much more flexibility in our daily lives and things really took off for me professionally. For those of you who don’t know, in addition to blogging, I freelance full time for places like Romper, Ravishly, SWAAY Media and cover health and wellness news everyday for ClassPass. I love what I do and even though things can get hectic at times, it’s brought us more financial freedom and is helping our (not so tiny anymore) family work towards many goals.

But of course with the good, comes the struggles, too. Both my grandmother and my dear friend about colleague right here at Project Motherhood, Pam, have been battling breast cancer, both diagnosed in 2016. I’ve watched these women stay positive and push forward through the toughest of times, and they have inspired me to be a much more positive and grateful person myself. Cancer is such a nasty thing and it will be beaten by these two amazing ladies.

Personally, my goals are to lose the baby weight plus some. I’ve definitely been sinking into a bit of a depression the week after Christmas and not really feeling myself – a lot of this has to do with my poor food choices lately. Next Monday, Chris and I start Whole 30 and my goal is to complete that and hopefully adopt many of those rules into my daily life after the 30 days are up. (If you have any interest in doing it along with me, please message me on Facebook, I would love to have more partners! Here is a link to the whole 30 guide and here are some great approved food options.)

I also want to bring more self-care into my life and finally join ClassPass (uh, I’ve been working for them since June, it’s finally time) and get past my fear of being seen in public in workout clothes. Lastly, I need to learn to let go of things. I need to work on micro-managing my family and just let things be. This is hard with my Type-A personality, but I know it will help to de-stress me if I’m able to fully do it.

Being a full time work from home mama is super, duper tough stuff. Yes, my schedule is more flexible and no, I don’t need to have a babysitter full time (yet!), but my days are still a balancing game. When Branden was a baby, I had more time to give him undivided attention, and he definitely excelled because of that. Sometimes, I worry about Blake not getting my full attention to start educational activities, so being introduced to the @wearenuryl music app put my mind at ease, at it has so easily been integrated into our daily lives for a smarter future. #ad // Follow along our Instagram stories this week and we’re going to show some fun behind the scenes videos of how we use this app when we are at home and out and about! #momlife

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Professionally, I want to be more creative with the blogging projects that I take on this year. I want to show more of myself and what my actual daily life holds through more Instagram stories. The truth is that because I do work so much, most of my days are spent at home just being a working mama, but I know the deep down you can all relate much more to that then any professional photo. I was to kick ass this year with my writing, learn as much as I can from the wonderful editors that I work with, and take on pieces that put me outside my comfort zone.

How she rolls ✌🏼

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And of course, I wish you all a year that challenges you to become the best version of yourself and brings you the love, joy and everything beautiful that you are seeking in this world. I’m so thankful to have so many wonderful readers that come back week after week, day after day, to read about this crazy life that I live. Cheer to you, dear friends!

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