The Best Baby Security Gates

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Looking for the best baby security gates? You will quickly become obsessed with this new munchkin baby gate that is safe and produces a nightlight.

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The Best Baby Security Gates

As soon as we brought baby Blake home from the hospital just a couple short weeks ago, my nightlife has been popping in ways that I haven’t experienced for quite some time. Our little diva totally runs the show, and even though her sleep habits resemble that of nocturnal animals – I’m getting used to running on less sleep and more caffeine. Thankfully, I turned to our favorite of the baby security gates and we’ve installed the Munchkin Luna Gate that illuminates our hallway as I’m doing my nightly runs to the kitchen.

In all honestly, I never thought a baby security gate would be something I would want or need with having an older child, but the illumination from the light of the Munchkin Luna Gate serves as a true night light and security for my son if he needs to get anything in the wee hours of the night, while he’s still afraid of the dark. It’s been a life saver and I can’t recommend choosing these baby security gates anymore. Here’s more must-haves from our baby registry.

Our favorite baby security gates: Munchkin Baby Gate

We used so many Munchkin products whenever B was little and I love that as we welcomed Blake into the world, one of our favorite brands has even more products in their line-up for us to love. Some of our favorites are the munchkin formula dispenser (amazing for when on the go!), 2 Piece Snack Catcher (it’s seriously a life-saver!) and their Bite Proof Sippy Cups (genius!) and lastly we’ve been using their Munchkin Sound Machine to block out NYC noise while she sleeps.

While you may think it’s soon for us to install a baby security gates, I promise that this is a must-have baby item for many, many reasons. First and foremost, because we are able to use it now. Branden still isn’t 100% rid of his fear of the dark and with my husband and I scrambling around in the wee hours of the night, their motion activated LED lights really help us find our way when we are half asleep.

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The Munchkin Luna Gate comes fully assembled and the Turnkey Mounts make instillation even easier – I promise, not all baby security gates are as easy to install.  This is a huge bonus if you aren’t really handy (or your husband doesn’t really like installing things). The overall design is very modern and fits in with our decor – an added bonus that you really don’t get with many gates on the market. I know that as concerned parents, we spend so much time searching for munchkin baby gates that are safe and fit our lifestyle – but it’s nice to have one that looks good when assembled, too.

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The safety features that this gate has aren’t comparable to any other gate, they are totally in a league of their own. If you are using the gate at the top or bottom of stairs, you can set it for a one way opening. For use in a hallways (which is where ours is), you can use the two-way opening option. No worries about littles getting where they don’t belong or adults not able to get where they want to go without exercising their climbing skills. (You know you have been there.)

The Munchkin Luna Gate has been a bit hit with our crew and is truly a great investment piece for every growing family. And if you’re looking for one more thing that will help put your mama mind at ease, I can’t recommend having the Owlet Baby Monitor on hand anymore. 

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