Must-Have Products For New Mom and Baby

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I have VERY vivid memories from when we were pregnant with Branden of buying pretty much every baby product around. We had no clue what was best. Yes, we had countless recommendations from family, but you don’t really know until the baby is actually there what is right for your baby. So you buy everything in hopes that something works out. Then, there are products that are just great across the board. Sensitive skin? No problem! Boy or girl? Doesn’t matter! These are some of my must-have all across the board items for new baby AND new mom.

My must-have products for new mom and baby

You seriously can’t go wrong with having these items waiting for you at home when you get home from the hospital. Everything else will fall into place. Promise!


1. Rainbow Light 35+ Mom and Baby

I used Rainbow Light religiously during my pregnancy for my prenatal vitamins (I started with the gummies and then went to the mini gems) and am carrying that through to my new mom life. You only need one of these a day and they are made special for moms prenatal and postnatal. It’s a complete multivitamin and super great for mom and developing baby. My three favorite things about this: it helps to prevent nausea (amen!), helps with natural energy production (amen again!) and contains probiotics – which I would otherwise need to buy separate (I need this daily in my life for my many digestive issues).

Discount code: Use code HAPPYBABY for 20% off prenatals and HAPPYFAMILY for 20% off Multivitamins

2. TempTraq® Wearable BlueTooth® Temperature Monitor

If you are into technology, this is pretty much as cool as it gets. If not, this is still a super easy to use and innovative product that you will wish you had in your life many moons ago. This is the only wearable bluetooth monitor that will actually keep track of baby’s temperature continuously. It is both soft and comfortable (I know you were wondering – just simply apply and remove from the underarm area!), and will transmit and record data on your Apple or Android device – pretty cool, huh? Especially perfect when baby is getting sick and you are too lazy to keep checking their temperature on a regular schedule.

Discount code: Use code BABBLEBOXX10 for 10% off (expires October 31st, 2016)


3. Boudreaux Butt Paste – Original and Maximum Strength Formula

There’s no other way to put it, whether you are using the original or maximum strength version – Boudreaux Butt Paste has quite the reputation in the diaper rash world – in a good way! Their products are fast acting but free from anything harsh that could irritate little bums. They are free from parabens, dyes, talc, preservative and phthalates – giving you peace of mind every time you use it. They are definetly a diaper bag must for us, but we always keep one within arm’s reach at home, too. Not only do we use it once we see a diaper rash starting, but it’s perfect as a preventative measure as well.

4. Gerber® Onesies® Brand One Piece Underwear

Okay, I can’t even count how many onesies we go through on a daily basis, so my major mom advice is to stock up on these. They are truly an essential in your new baby’s wardrobe and great for everyday wear. (I’m seriously not joking, don’t forget to keep a spare or two in the diaper bag!) But it really doesn’t stop there as Gerber has everything for new babies, making them a one stop shop for clothing, nursery and beyond. Moms have trusted Gerber for many generations, so I love turning towards a brand that I know will be cozy for little Blake.

Discount code: Use code BBOXX16FS at checkout for free shipping (expires October 8th, 2016)

5. FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini 70 Camera

FUJIFILM has totally won my heart with this INSTAX Mini 70 Camera! Who doesn’t find themselves snapping away as soon as a new baby is here? And this camera provides instant gratification with an actual picture that you can hold and hang or frame or actually share with loved ones. Our whole family has had so much fun snapping away and creating memories. (We’re even planning on bringing it to big brother birthday party next weekend so that his friends have a fun memory to go home with!) The prints actually print in under 90 seconds! Don’t worry though, it still has a selfie mode for all you selfie lovers – making the picture taking opportunities endless.

6. Illumai Biome Care System For Hair (Travel Pack and Essential System)

This one is truly for the mamas. I have to say that my hair did change after having Blake, it became really dry – so I love having Illumai in my shower. Not only is the system free from harsh chemicals (made with only 7 ingredients!), but is safe for the whole family to use – even baby. Each wash helps to restore moms microbiome (a key contributor to a healthy infant) and detoxifies your hair. It’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free, contains no sulfates, silicones or parabens and is basically everything that your family needs to clean their hair (Ahem – isn’t it amazing when you can buy just 1 product for everyone?!).

Discount code: Use code 44PROJECTMOTHERHOOD to get 40% off either system! (Expires 10/31/16)

I know, you’re ready to buy them all! I can’t wait to hear how much you love them!

Fashionably Yours,


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