My Beauty Addiction: Josie Maran Makeup

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Josie Maran makeup is taking over my beauty bag, and here’s all the reasons why. (Hint: my skin is thanking me for the new products!)

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My Beauty Addiction: Josie Maran Makeup

Obsessed is pretty much an under statement here. Josie Maran makeup products are pretty much overflowing my beauty bag – for really good reasons though. Her products are super clean and make my skin look and feel radiant, as if I was a glowing pregnant woman all the time. The tinted moisturizer specifically is my absolute favorite (you will find all the reasons why outlined below) and I can’t recommend picking up one for your daily use, too.

This tinted moisturizer from Josie Maran is absolutely great for so many reasons! So here is is lovelies…

Why I LOVE Josie Maran Makeupjosie maran makeup tinted moistrurizer


  • All of Josie Maran makeup products are eco-friendly.
  • The tinted moisturizer contains an SPF 30, which I typically forget to include in my beauty regimen.
  • It is a medium coverage tinted moisturizer, so I have been able to get away with wearing it in place of a foundation. I just add a little powder to my nose and I am ready to roll!
  • Even though it is a medium coverage, it is still lightweight, so your skin can breathe throughout the day.
  • A serious bonus is that I have honestly been noticing my skin clear up since I have been using this product.
  • Whenever I read the press release, it stated that this product gave you a “dewy” glow, which REALLY scared me because I’m the Queen of Oily Skin! BUT, I don’t really notice any added shine and honestly get the most compliments on my skin whenever I wear Josie Maran makeup.
  • Because I can combine steps in my morning beauty routine, I’m able to get out the door faster. My hubby loves that part!
  • Overall, this product comes highly recommended by me. It is a little pricey, as the 1.7 ounce tube costs $38 (and obviously, there are far more expensive products out there!) But I promise that Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer is worth it since it enables you to combine steps in your beauty routine, looks great, and protects your skin. You will thank me, I promise!

What are your current beauty obsessions? Comment below and tell me if you are obsessed, too! I guarantee you will love Josie Maran makeup. (Hint: it’s also great for ever-changing pregnant skin, too!)

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  1. I love tinted moisturisers – they are so quick and easy to apply especially before heading out on the school run. Thank you for sharing a new great find!

  2. I love tinted moisturizer! Its a must have for me.

  3. I love tinted moisturizers! They are a must have for me

  4. Rebecca Helene Thomas says:

    thank you for sharing! I think I will have to get this!

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