My Beauty Addiction: Josie Maran Makeup

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current beauty obsession

Obsessed is pretty much an under statement here. Josie Maran makeup products are pretty much overflowing my beauty bag – for really good reasons though. Her products are super clean and make my skin look and feel radiant, as if I was a glowing pregnant woman all the time. The tinted moisturizer specifically is my absolute favorite (you will find all the reasons why outlined below) and I can’t recommend picking up one for your daily use, too.

This tinted moisturizer from Josie Maran is absolutely great for so many reasons! So here is is lovelies…

Why I LOVE Josie Maran Makeupjosie maran--PM approved


  • All of Josie Maran makeup products are eco-friendly.
  • The tinted moisturizer contains an SPF 30, which I typically forget to include in my beauty regimen.
  • It is a medium coverage tinted moisturizer, so I have been able to get away with wearing it in place of a foundation. I just add a little powder to my nose and I am ready to roll!
  • Even though it is a medium coverage, it is still lightweight, so your skin can breathe throughout the day.
  • A serious bonus is that I have honestly been noticing my skin clear up since I have been using this product.
  • Whenever I read the press release, it stated that this product gave you a “dewy” glow, which REALLY scared me because I’m the Queen of Oily Skin! BUT, I don’t really notice any added shine.
  • Because I can combine steps in my morning beauty routine, I’m able to get out the door faster. My hubby loves that part!

Overall, this product comes highly recommended by me. It is a little pricey, as the 1.7 ounce tube costs $38 (and obviously, there are far more expensive products out there!) But I promise that Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer is worth it since it enables you to combine steps in your beauty routine, looks great, and protects your skin. You will thank me, I promise!

What are your current beauty obsessions? Comment below and tell me if you are obsessed, too! I guarantee you will love Josie Maran makeup. (Hint: it’s also great for ever-changing pregnant skin, too!)

Fashionably Yours,



  1. I love tinted moisturisers – they are so quick and easy to apply especially before heading out on the school run. Thank you for sharing a new great find!

  2. I love tinted moisturizer! Its a must have for me.

  3. I love tinted moisturizers! They are a must have for me

  4. Rebecca Helene Thomas says:

    thank you for sharing! I think I will have to get this!

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