Goody Hair Brush: My Hair Story

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**Thanks Goody for sponsoring this conversation.**

Hair has been on my mind an awful lot lately, as you can see from perusing through my recent beauty posts. A couple of weeks ago I became a redhead and have been exploring different beauty tools and ways to style my hair for running and working out. As I sit here writing, I’m running my hands through my freshly cleansed hair and realizing that it has a story – one that has taken me on many twists and turns to get to where I am now. While is why I have turned to a new Good hair brush to help solve my problems.

Growing up, I pretty much put my hair through the ringer. I dyed it constantly different shades of red through high school (I have always wanted to be a redhead), without waiting the allotted period of time before switching to the next color. I would go way too long without a haircut, and I never conditioned (because I have VERY thin hair and was convinced that it would make it even more grease-prone than it already was).

I have learned my lesson.


Why I love My Goody Hair Brush

At this point in my life, as I am approaching my 30s (1 more year!), it’s all about living the healthiest life that I can – and that starts with my scalp! I know that might seem silly, but you can’t have a great head of hair without having an amazing brush that is taking care of your tresses, as well as your scalp. This is why I’m loving the new Goody Clean Radiance Brush and it’s making an impact on how healthy my hair looks and feels every single day.

This brush is a true gem! It is made with copper bristles that reduce buildup for healthier looking hair – something I never realized a brush could help prevent, until now. Whenever there is less buildup in your hair and on your scalp, it will leave your hair looking more radiant and healthy, naturally.

I know what you might be thinking, though. Copper bristles? Ouch!


Nope – that’s not the case here! Even with my stringy hair, it glides through flawlessly without any pain or irritation. This is possible because of the flexible cushion pad that adds extra comfort.

Thankfully, I am changing my teenage ways as I get older and making better decisions for myself, because whether my day is spent in running pants or dressed up fancy for an event – I don’t feel good about myself if my hair isn’t under control. I highly recommend checking out this Goody Clean Radiance BrushIf you’re curious about how it’s been working out in the long-run, I’m sharing my update with goody hair brushes here. 

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    That sounds like a nice hair brush. Thanks to keratin treatments straightening our my natural curls, I can actually get a brush though it without pulling out 4000 strands of hair in the process.

  2. The weather has been so unpredictable that my damaged hair is being extra disagreeable. I will have to this Goody brush.

  3. I have to get this brush sounds amazing!

  4. I love Goody products. I will definitely have to find this brush.

  5. I love Goody products! I need this brush in my life!

  6. Ooh, I’ve gotta try this! Since I use a sulfate-free cleanser I struggle with buildup. Didn’t know a brush could manage that!!!

  7. Copper bristles, got to try those! This sounds like a brush I need to try (and then hide so my daughter doesn’t steal it).

  8. Oh that’s something I totally need! I have dry hair yet I get oily roots because of buildup. I need to get this brush!

  9. A good hairbrush makes al the difference and Goody has always made great products. this copper bristle brush may just find its way into some Christmas stockings…

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