Mom to Mom: What You Need to Know About Prenatal Vitamins

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Thanks Vitafol® for sponsoring this post! As always, opinions are my own.

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So much changes in the parenting industry on pretty much a yearly basis, but having kiddos almost 8 years apart really let these changes stick out to me like a sore thumb.I remember having so many conversations during the course of my pregnancy with my mom that really let her with nothing else to say besides “my, have things changed since I was having babies.” And it’s very true. Things really have changed and I think our millennial generation does a little bit more in preparation for pregnancy than my mom’s generation ever did.


I did a great deal in terms of fitness and diet preparation as well as preparing my body to breastfeed. My mom was never offered a free pump from her insurance and if it (breastfeeding) happened, it happened -there weren’t many options like what we have today (and I also imagine it being quite different whenever our little Blake has kids, too).

For me, I work in the parenting industry and have so much information at my disposal and of course (ahem) the Internet for everything else. I got myself baby body ready based on experience, advice and taking in as much information as I could get my hands on. My mom didn’t have any of that and really relied on her doctor and girlfriends to get the information she needed. She is also a nurse, so was super educated to begin with.


Prenatal vitamins were another topic that stood out. With Branden, I was given a prescription as soon as I came in for my first prenatal appointment (though I was taking over the counter ones until that point), which latest all nine months. With Blake I expected the same, but was instead told to just use one that I found at my local pharmacy. So I was left to make the decision myself. And that’s fine, but not everyone has the time to do the research – so I’m going to help you out!


Vitafol® is the #1 doctor recommended prescription prenatal vitamin line with more of the vital nutrition you need, and it’s important to know that prescription prenatal vitamins can be a part of every single pregnancy – not just high risk. Knowing this now, if I would have spoke up, I could have had Vitafol in my hands my entire pregnancy. They also come in gummie form, which I personally loved during my first trimester when it was tough to keep things down and these gummies have twice the folic acid as over the counter ones and actually contain iron (over the counter gummies do not). And if you need extra iron, ask your doctor about Vitafol Fe.


There is nothing more exciting than getting your body ready to support a new life. So no matter what stage in the process you are (trying to conceive, pregnant, or postnatal), definitely consider Vitafol as part of your pregnancy journey.

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