Finding The Best Women’s Fitness Clothes: Do Your Own Thing

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Whether you just had a baby or are looking for gear that fits right, these are my absolute favorite women’s fitness clothes that will hug your curves and make you feel great.

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Finding The Best Women’s Fitness Clothes

I am almost exactly 8 week postpartum and I turned 30 this past weekend. All the better reason to hop to it with my fitness routine, right? You would think so, but they hadn’t really been my key motivators. Yoga. Running. Weights. (Oh my!) I hadn’t really wanted to hear these words again until last week when that “thing” that I had been waiting to shift inside me and say “get up and moving you lazy woman,” finally did. It’s strange, fitness had always been my thing, it just took some time this time around and then BAM, it hit me all at once. What was it? It was the urge to get moving paired with new Reebok women’s fitness clothes and I was ready to go!

Yes, there is no denying my excitement (it’s written all over my face) about the new Reebok women’s fitness gear. Sometimes you just need to fall in love with what you’re wearing to get fit to actually get out and do it! Fitness clothes can be tricky fit wise, especially since they tend to fit on the smaller side, but I always suggest staying true to size or even a little bit smaller (even if it feels tight) so you can see your progress and so your pants don’t fall down while you’re running. (Yes, been there, done that.) So, here’s some pieces that I love along with some reminders for when finding the best women’s fitness clothes.


Tips for finding the best women’s fitness clothes

Before shopping, check out my fit guide here and if you are currently pregnant I’ve got some fantastic maternity fitness clothes ideas, plus how they should fit, here.

Reebok Glam Tights // Reebok Crossfit Hoodie


I know that a lot of you are into LulaRoe leggings because they “feel like buttah” and I can attest that these Reebok Glam leggings do, too – seriously the most comfy workout pants I own. And as a little added bonus they do sit up higher on my midsection (where I carry most of my extra weight), so they help smooth me out a bit. P.S. Central Park runs are the absolute best!



And shoes? I definitely needed a new pair of ones to run in a well. My Reebok ZPrint 3Ds are the bomb! I will fully admit to you that I haven’t done any super long runs in these yet, as I’m still working up to that point, but they are lightweight and have made my current level of getting back into it all a really easy transition.

// Reebok ZPrint 3D Running Shoes //


I am nothing if I’m not honest with you all. And honestly, I’ve got 13 pounds to lose. If you follow me on Instagram, you read my truth about all of the weight loss ahead this morning and there’s a lot to be done. Most of my mid section needs some major toning (front and back) and a lot of my weight gain actually happened in my butt and thighs – a completely new area for me to learn how to lose. But this Reebok Studio Tank Top (my new favorite) says it all. I need to just do it all on my own time and not stress. As long as I’m getting out there and have a daily routine.


// Reebok Studio Tee // Reebok CrossFit Sports Bra (not pictured because I’m not willing to show off my stomach quite yet!) // Reebok Tights //


So with one last big stretch to the heavens I leave you with this last thought: if you are thinking about doing it, just do it! Get out and get moving and your body will feel wonderful. I know that we all need that extra push sometimes to kick ourselves back into gear, so think of me as that push and remember – I’m right there with you!

Fashionably Yours,


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