Smart Music For a Smart Baby

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Being a full time work from home mama is super, duper tough stuff. Yes, my schedule is more flexible and no, I don’t need to have a babysitter full time (yet!), but my days are still a balancing game. When Branden was a baby, I had more time to give him undivided attention, and he definitely excelled because of that. Sometimes, I worry about Blake not getting my full attention to start educational activities, so being introduced to the Nuryl music app put my mind at ease, at it has so easily been integrated into our daily lives for a smarter future.


There have been so many studies done (including this one from University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences) that link together the role music plays in how smart babies can become and it makes perfect sense to me. We noticed really early on that when we played music, any music for Blake on Pandora that it instantly made her happy and calm and when we found Nuryl, it just took things to a whole new level. (Follow along on Instagram this week where I will be sharing behind the scenes of our experience using Nuryl!)


The Nuryl music app can be easily downloaded on your phone for free, but there is an annual subscription for $89.99 or monthly subscription for $9.99 – totally worth it! The program was developed by Rick Beato, a classically trained musician. It is a music immersion program, specifically designed to improve cognac development for babies still in the womb to age two years (when they’re at their peak). The Nuryl music app applies scientific insights about the power of music and its link to advanced math skillsforeign language aptitudememory, and focus, to stimulate a baby’s brain development (you can find a great video for how to use the program here).


Our experience with the Nuryl music app has been great, and I couldn’t recommend it to you all anymore. It’s great for moments whenever I am typing away and getting articles submitted for Blake to listen to as she sits in her bouncy seat (I’m able to keep engaged with her by bouncing her while I work – multitasking at it’s finest!), and moments when we’re able to fully engage with her and have one on one time, too. The music both stimulates and soothes her and I wish that I had it to play on my belly when I was pregnant. But, we are so enjoying the experience of using it with little Blake  and watching her enjoy it. I can’t wait to see her progress over the next year!

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**This is a sponsored post. As always, all opinions are my own.**

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