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After you become a Mama, you realize just how important your lingerie drawer is, for so many reasons. The top 2 being:

  1. To keep things sexy in the bedroom! (You won’t believe the wonderful effect a little bit of lace peeking out of your shirt whenever you bend forward to change a diaper can have, until you have experienced it…)
  2. To make sure that you are wearing the most becoming foundations underneath every outfit!

Therefore, as I have transitioned into Mommyhood, my lingerie drawer has changed a bit. Things that seemed as if they were priorities before have kinda been shoved to the side (literally!), while my go-to lingerie staples have become pretty darn apparent, to me at least. Here are the items that have made my top list!

The Top 10 Hot Mama Lingerie Essentials

      1. No Show Thongs

No matter which type of thongs you prefer (and I know everyone has a different preference), it’s important to make sure that you have at least 5 pairs of thongs that are invisible whenever worn underneath clothing. My personal favorites are Hanky Panky…soo comfortable! And it’s hard not to feel sexy when wearing thongs!

      2. Cheekies!

Cheekies are underwear that allow you to show off your ass-ets. They are a simply sexy piece to add your your lingerie drawer that are great to have handy when you feel like showing off a bit!

      3.The Perfect Strapless Bra

Every Mama needs to have a perfect strapless bra that allows them to wear skinny straps (or strap-less!) without constantly pulling the bra up! Running around after children is exhausting after all, and the last thing that we want is to be exerting our last bit of energy on the strapless bra tug of war!  (Rumor has it that many Mamas are on the search for the elusive perfect strapless bra…any suggestions?)

      4. A Full Support Sports Bra

Whether you are well endowed in the chest area or not, a great sports bra is an essential. Every woman needs to be fully supported in order to get the most out of your work outs without doing harm to your girls, whether you are hitting the gym or chasing after your toddler who is clearly the equivalent of a marathon runner!

      5. An Outfit That Wows

Every Mama should have one piece of lingerie in her drawer that wows whenever it is worn. No matter if it is uncomfortable or not, your partner will thank you, and it will be quite worth your effort!

      6. Something to Suck You In

Whether you purchase Spanx or another great brand that you love that accomplishes the same thing, having pieces that suck you in or tame your “problem” areas are really important. Nobody needs to know that whenever we are out in public looking fabulous that we actually have 4 layers of body shapers on underneath. Shhhh…I won’t tell if you won’t.

      7. Camis

I personally wear a great cami underneath everything, day to day. It doesn’t need to be nearly as spandexy as Spanx, but I find that it helps smooth me out for day to day wear. Nice and sleek works best.

      8. The Perfect Demi Bra

Demi bras are great everyday bras because they provide support along with a little sex appeal as well. If you are very well endowed, then I suggest replacing #8 with a great supportive bra, but make sure you feel pretty in it. No matter what type of bra you prefer, I suggest finding one that you love and buy a few.

      9. Hosiery of all Kinds

It’s important for every sexy Mama to be prepared for any type of a hosiery situation! Whether you are pulling out the fishnets for great effect or focusing on a simple seamless nude number that holds in your tummy, these are important to have in large quantities! For really important events, I carry extra hosiery in case of a cursed runner, which will ruin the most fabulous of outfits. (If you ignore #9, then I suggest you have lots of clear nail polish handy!)

      10. Comfortable Pajamas

Comfort is sexy! And comfort is something you can wear when your four year old wakes up in the middle of the night. Therefore, make sure you have lots of comfy PJs that you also feel good in. Because if you are feelin’ good, then you are lookin’ good, no matter how many layers of clothing you have on.

What is your favorite lingerie item, my dear Mamas?  Let’s swap some trade secrets!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Linda Somma says:

    This blog has inspired me to recharge my lingerie drawer. My baby is 16, sure is time!! Thanks for the list, I am way behind!

  2. Allison Cooper says:

    So glad you enjoyed! Can’t wait to hear about your lingerie shopping trip!

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