Out of the Mouths of Babes

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funny kid

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We have all heard the well known phrase “kids say the darndest things!” our whole lives. And it’s very true. Their innocent little minds speak the first thing that they can think of when they are observing new situations and experiencing life. It really is hilarious…that is, until it is your child saying something very fun, yet very embarrassing.

A couple weeks ago, I met my husband after work so that he could get to his night class and I could take Branden home for dinner. We headed to the subway after meeting at Starbucks, found  seats on the packed train, and I immediately started chatting away with Branden to keep him occupied. Since Branden has a track record for speaking loudly on the train and making very observant comments about his surroundings, I knew that I needed to keep his attention.

As soon as the volume in his voice started to rise, I quietly told him that he needed to quiet down because we were in a close space with lots of people. His reply was simply, “But Mom, everyone always likes me on the train! They want to hear what I’m saying!” He of course got some chuckles, me included.

Then the real doosy of a comment happened when a seat opened up next to my little man and an older woman sat down. “Mommy!” Branden shouted. Oh noo…here it comes. “Sometimes, I don’t like old ladies!” He finished, quite loud.

I quickly changed the subject and got Branden talking about something completely different. He rambled on for a few minutes about how he wished that he could take the train to India. Then, he realized that he had an audience…the woman to his left. “He’s very inquisitive, ”  she said to me, “Shows that he’s very intelligent!” she finished. I thanked her, of course.

“Mommy!” Branden started again. “I think this old lady right next to me really likes me!” GASP!

She didn’t respond, so I can only hope that maybe she was a bit hard of hearing.

So, what did I learn from this situation? Make sure that my phone is charged before I leave the office in preparation for some game playing on the train ride home with my little guy! Wow!

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  1. I can so picture this taking place!! It is a doozy, alright, gave me a big chuckle!! It is what it is when young children speak, their honesty cannot be denied!

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