Packing Tips For Travel With Kids

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Traveling with your family can be overwhelming to say the least. Our guide for packing tips for travel with kids will ease your mind!

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Packing Tips For Travel With Kids

During the month of May at Project Motherhood, we will be putting a travel theme to our posts.  We know that you all have travel on your brains and are thinking about getting ready to hit the road with your families over the next couple of months. Today we will be starting with some packing tips for travel with kids, for the entire family as well as some tips and tricks that our team has learned along the way of traveling with kids and looking fashionable while doing it!

If you’re looking for some additional tips, my favorite is how to stay present when traveling with your family – it’s so important and the list I’ve compiled of overlooked travel tips when you are traveling with a baby. 

Packing Tips For Travel While Staying Fashionable

First and foremost, we have put together an awesome PRINTABLE PACKING LIST for you all to literally print out and physically check everything off as you pack! You can find that by CLICKING HERE!! Our check-list includes all the necessities for making sure that you family is covered while you are out and about so that you never have to worry about leaving important things behind.

Packing Tips For Travelpacking-tips-for-travel-with-kids

    •  When traveling with small children, make sure that you don’t forget all of those daily items that are necessities in your life during the summer because you will need them while traveling as well. You can check out some of ours to the right that always included a lightweight stroller, rashguards, and pool or beach accessories to keep the kiddos entertained.
    • #FashionTip: Choose your outfits strategically, planning out what you will wear each day so that you don’t end up over packing. After all, if everyone packs a few extra items, it can result in 1 extra suitcase! Totally unnecessary!
    • #FashionTip: Choose colors that coordinate so you can make various outfits out of the clothes you bring. And that the outerwear you choose also coordinates.
    • #FashionTip: Pack clothes that hold up well to more than one wear.  And consider items that can be easily hand-washed and quickly hung to dry in case you didn’t pack quite enough.
    • #FashionTip:  Look for simple dresses to pack that can go from casual daywear to an evening out to a nice restaurant, with simply a change of shoes and accessories. And the same dress can look totally different by adding a cardigan or an eye-catching belt.
    • Pack items such as vitamins that can otherwise be bulky in ziplock bags to optimize space.

  • Carry a garbage bag or grocery bag with you because you will never know when you will need to throw away a smelly diaper or shield your belongings from rain!
  • #FashionTip: Pack items that serve double purposes such as elastic necklaces and bracelets that can also be hair ties or scarves that serve as accessories, blankets, and shawls.
  • #FashionTip: Roll everything to alleviate wrinkles!
  • #FashionTip: Make sure you have the right bras packed to go with your more revealing summer wear.
  • For kids, opt for packing more layers than bringing heavyweight clothing, and you will need less than you think!

Finally, be sure to look at your lists and get out the clothes and other iems ahead of time, so that you actually have what you need, your kids clothes still fit, and you can avoid a last minute panic attack the night before departure!

Fashionably Yours,


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  1. OMG B is sooo little here! Can we book a little beach getaway? haha

    • Allison Cooper says:

      UGH! I know! I couldn’t take it going through these pictures yesterday! Yes beach getaway PLEASE!

  2. I LOVE this post and the throwback photos are too cute for words. We are heading out of town next week to warmer weather so I’ll DEF be checking this post several times to keep my packing smart and stylish!
    Thank you!!

    • Allison Cooper says:

      So glad you enjoyed it and glad it helped! Traveling with little ones can be difficult! I can’t believe my little guy used to be that small. Have a wonderful vacation!

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