Packing Tips For Travel With Kids

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Ready to plan a family getaway? There’s lot to think about! Here’s my packing tips for travel with kids that will help you stay organized and way less stressed about what everyone is wearing!

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packing tips for travel with kids

Packing Tips For Travel With Kids

Oh my goodness! We are currently en route on a quick, little family getaway and I can honestly say that packing for Blake was a completely different beast than packing for Branden. With them being so far apart in age, it’s been quite a while since I’ve needed to pack for a baby and I forget how chaotic it can really be. Without some clear organization and packing tips for travel, you’re kinda screwed. To prepare myself as much as possible, I made a stop at our favorite, Carters, and stocked up on pieces we needed for Blake + I have a whole list of things I learned along the way. (And psssst I also located a store near the hotel, where I will be picking up more pieces using the 25% off coupon I’m sharing if you keep scrolling!)

What to pack when you’re traveling with kids

Hold on to your credit cards mama’s, because here’s what you’re gonna need when traveling with a baby or toddler. (Hint: you should probably also plan for extra space to pack it all.)

1. Make sure you have extra of the basics.

There are so many things that I love about Carters, but I think my ultimate favorite is that they sell these ah-mazing multi-packs of everything – body suits, pants, shorts – all the basics that you need. Whenever you’re traveling, most likely you don’t want to be doing laundry everyday or don’t have access to it, so these come in extra handy. Kids are messy and spit up a lot, so having a backup (and an outfit backup for that backup) is essential in everyday life and even more necessary when you’re away from home.

2. Don’t overlook jackets!

I bought a denim jacket from Carter’s for Blake in the fall (just in a darker color) and I just went back and bought this lighter one for her in a bigger size for spring. This piece has been the workhorse in her wardrobe and we get compliments every single day. So even if you’re traveling somewhere warm, make sure your little one has a versatile jacket to throw on overtop of things for chilly nights.

3. Plan for one bathing suit for every two days your away – and swim diapers!

Since we’re only going to be away for 2 nights and our hotel has an indoor pool, I just got Blake one suit, the Geo Print Tankini (I promise, pool pics coming soon!). But, the equation I use when packing bathing suits for all of us has always been 1 suit for every 2 days – this gives you alternative options for pictures and cleaning. Plus, when you have kids in diapers, don’t forget the swim diapers. If you’re anything like me, you focus on the regular diapers and forget about the swim diapers and have to call your sister to grab them for you, oops!

4. If you’re bottle feeding, don’t forget something to wash them with.

If you will be brining bottles and juice cups with you, make sure that you don’t overlook packing a scrub brush that you can travel with that will fit into all those nooks and crannies to get the gunk out. Not trying to be gross here, but spoiled milk that you can’t clean out is no fun to be dealing with on vacation and this isn’t something your hotel will come equipped with.

5. Make a little “what if” bag.

Perhaps you call it an emergency bag, but whatever name it goes by, make sure you have a bag that contain items for “if” something bad happens. This will be where your insurance cards, band aids, Tylenol, upset stomach relief, teething gel – all these things go here. No matter how long you will be away or where you’re going, these items are necessary to have on hand.

6. Two words: flip flops!

I’ve learned from experience over the years, that investing in super expensive shoes for babies, especially for vacation makes no sense. They will get wet, sandy, sticky and at the end of the day you just want something that’s easy to get on and off. Carter’s has a huge selection of flip flips that are everything that you want and more for your getaway or day to day wear.

Happy shopping!

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  1. These packing tips are great! Forgetting swim diapers is the worst. I love that jean jacket and bathing suit. Carter’s has such cute things for the little ones.

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