The Perfect Outfit For Lazy Days #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links. Hi, my name is Allison and I am a legging junkie. Yes. I said it. While I love getting dressed up because it's fun to style looks and in all honesty it really makes me feel good and confident when I'm wearing an outfit I love - most days are spent in my favorite No Nonsense leggings. You all know that last spring I worked on a fun advertising campaign with them and it's a brand that I really truly do believe in and wear day in and day out and they have a lot of great, new additions this fall that I'm living in. In the past few mom style posts, you've seen me wearing their velvet leggings, which I love, too. But today, I'm wearing their classic cotton, which I own in both black (pictured) and slate gray, both courtesy of No Nonsense. They are soft, cozy and almost feel like their fleece lined on the inside, so they're warm, too. And if I'm being real, I do an awful lot of this, too, except on my couch everyday. So much so that even Blake knows that she's supposed to put the phone to her ear and pretends to talk saying "lalala." But more than anything, these are the types of clothes that I live in during the fall/winter months and have so many duplicates of. This cardigan is the oh so soft one that I opened in my September Golden Tote Unboxing and the basic v-neck tee was a super inexpensive buy from Old Navy.  And while I of course wish that my apartment had wall length windows with beautiful city views, that is not ... Read More

Mini Melissa Rain Boots For Your Little

This post contains affiliate links.  To say that we're obsessed with these sweet little Mini Melissa rain boots is an understatement. In fact, I've had days after we first got them where I may have even prayed a little bit for rain - just so we could take them out for a spin and jump in some puddles together. They are just the absolute cutest and Blake loves toddling around in them these days. // Mini Melissa Rain Boots c/o // If you have a wiggly toddler, you know how difficult it can be to get shoes to go on and stay on, so the fact that these boots sit lower on her ankle and have a button side closure, makes that whole struggle a wee bit easier. If you follow me on Instagram, I've opened up or unloaded a lot lately about my daily toddler struggles - which is real, my friends. She's cute, but oh so busy and I've found that the middle of our days are the hardest while she's trying to fight a second nap and is into absolutely everything she can get her hands on. So we come to the park, and it's been helping get us back into a bit of a routine again and she's so much better behaved outside the apartment (which is odd, I know). These Mini Melissa Rain Boots do run a little bit on the bigger side, so while Blake typically wears a 4.5, we got these in a size 7. They're a little bit big, but she doesn't have trouble walking in them and I'm hoping they'll fit her until next year. Finger crossed. And you know what? Sometimes I just have to have ... Read More

The Perfect Black Blazer #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links.  You all saw how excited I got whenever I opened up this black blazer from my September Golden Tote box and I promised that it would not only be a part of my fall wardrobe, but I would share how I'm styling it, too - so I did! But before we jump in, if you missed last weeks mom style post, you can check it out here.  This blazer is so perfect because it's not your classic black blazer, which traditionally has buttons down the front. Nope. This one is more on the casual side, yet can be worn to the office or dress up any look, but is more relaxed overall. It doesn't have any buttons down the front, making it easy to wear open and show off whatever you have going on underneath. The sleeves are also a little bit shorter, so you can actually see your watch or bracelets that you have stacked on your wrist - which I love! And these sleeve are actually scrunched a bit, too. So the blazer is obviously from my Golden Tote, but you can shop a similar one here. My shirt is a basic tee with a pocket and peplum from TJMAXX (my favorite!) and I have been wearing it all over the place because it's so comfortable. Here's a better look and you can see me totally having a Marilyn Monroe moment here! And no joke: this was literally seconds before the wind whisked my Valentino sunglasses off the roof where we were taking these pictures (insert sad face emoji). Thank goodness I got them at Nordstrom Rack, but ... Read More

The Best Beauty Products For Women

This post contains affiliate links.  I know that I haven't written a beauty post in a while and that's honestly because until recently, I hadn't found anything that really inspired me to write about. But, after Chris was away in August and we started a new school year in September, bringing on a different routine for me during the day, I made a little pact with myself: no more frumpy mom. In order to do this though, I really needed to find a routine that worked for me and included beauty products for women that also were really conducive to my on the go life and beauty products for busy moms, too. First, if you're searching for beauty products for new moms, I have a great post about that here for 7 products to safely use during pregnancy and nursing. So I want to clarify something here. I know that you all see me dressed up for pictures, especially all my mom style Monday posts,  but that's not everyday life for me. Working from home means that most days I really am in leggings and working on the couch with the laptop of my lap and coffee in my hand, pulling my hair out trying to meet 5 deadlines at once. (I try to be very real about this over on Instagram if you're ever in a mood for a real mom chat - check out my stories!) Even though I do want to look pretty for my husband, my yearning to have a better routine was more deeply routed in my self-care. I wanted a routine that was simple to wear everyday, not overdone, but made me feel like a human again everyday ... Read More

Styling Embellished Sleeves #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links.  Happy Monday friends! I hope that your weekends were filled with lots of spooky things. We admittedly did nothing this month for Halloween because we were away at Disney and then Chis had an army drill weekend, leaving us with not a ton of time to be festive. I know, whomp, whomp. So we did our best to squeeze some fun in yesterday, our only free day (so check all the fun out over on Instagram!) and then back to our Monday routine. If you missed last week's style post, I chatted about styling my new favorite white dress and denim jacket and this week it's all about a big fall trend: embellished sleeves. First things first, I got this great silk shirt from TJMAXX (c/o) and it's one of my favorite things hanging in my closet right now. My parents gifted me this Kate Spade wallet for my birthday and I'm loving all the fun colors. TJMAXX is one of my absolute favorite places to shop because they always have great value and amazing prices. They are highlighting some pretty big trends this season and I'm incorporating two of them into this look: //Velvet Vibes// //Frills// So when I'm yearning to dress up a little bit these days, which is often because I get sick of my frumpy bus stop pick-up outfits really quick - this is something that I turn to. These velvet leggings are from my friends at No Nonsense and they are so comfortable and fun to wear this season! My biggest takeaway for when styling embellished sleeve ... Read More

Thoughts on Quieting My Mind

  Things have been busy and a bit overwhelming lately, I'll be honest. As you guys know, in August, Chris was away for a full month of Army training out of New York, which let me alone with the kiddos and we've been pretty much moving on a hamster wheel ever since. Blake turned one, then we took a fun trip to Myrtle Beach in September as a way to re-connect after thirty days apart, then Branden started school and turned 9 (gasp!), and then after just a couple weeks of sorta getting a routine going, we took a very magical trip to Disney World. It's been a wild ride that I'm very thankful for, but I'm also a creature of habit and being out of whack with our routine has made me a little bit nutty. Apparently our little princess thinks it’s cool to stick her tongue out in photos 😝 lol. If you’re a @waltdisneyworld fanatic (like I’ve become), I’m sharing our trip recap over on the blog today through loads of pictures and a full video (which you can also check out on YouTube). We seriously can’t thank @chevrolet enough for this ✨ magical ✨(I find myself saying that word so much now lol) experience. #hosted #findnewroads 🚘 . . . . . . . . . . . #disneytrip #familytravel #travelblogger #disneylove #disneyworld #disneylife #disneymagic #disneyfan #epcot #kidtravel #momblogger #motherhoodunplugged #motherhoodmoments #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodrising #mothering A post shared by Allison Cooper (@projectmotherhood) on Oct 24, 2017 at 9:07am PDT So now, ... Read More

Keeping It Clean

This is a sponsored post. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood.  Busy doesn't even begin to describe this one as of lately. And then there are the temper tantrums that have started way earlier than I would have thought (or remembered from Branden). Maybe girls are just different? Either way, I try my hardest to make sure she's not sitting at home with me all day and so many of our days begin with a jog and some park play. Between this and making sure that we keep it clean by constantly following up with the Clean Label Project, I feel like I've got things covered day to day - in the health department, at least. The Clean Label Project is honestly your secret weapon of education as a parent. It's a nonprofit organization that's focused on health transparency in consumer product labeling. Their main goal is to reduce contamination in everything that we feed ourselves and our families and keep us educated when we're making shopping decisions. You all know how important living a healthy lifestyle is to me, so this is truly an amazing resource that we all should shed some light on. One of their biggest studies (that you can see above) is about baby food - something we're all too familiar with over here! These results honestly make me shudder, there's no much bad stuff even in the food that we think is the safest. I'd like to say that I was safer this time around with Blake, by incorporating a lot of homemade baby food, but to be completely honest we threw ... Read More

Our Magical Trip to Disney World {Video!}

This was a press trip hosted by Chevy. All opinions are my own. I still find myself saying "oh my goodness" about our magical Walt Disney World trip! And I've also never found myself using the word "magical" as often as I do now. But it truly was. If you've been following along on Instagram, I've shared a lot of stories giving our behind the scenes peaks at this amazing trip, thanks to the absolute wonderful team at Chevy, and now I wanted to share more about our trip with lots and lots of pictures and video because my written word can only scratch the surface. We got to our room at Disney's gorgeous Grand Floridian Hotel and had our Magic Bands waiting for us! This was taken our first night there, when we had a private dinner above the Chevy Race Track. Our friends at Chevy lent us a 2018 Chevy Traverse to drive from park to park and event to event and we're honestly contemplating upgrading to this bigger vehicle (as soon as we're out of the city)! It's so spacious, mama-approved, and luxurious that it's stolen our hearts. There are so many secret hiding compartments, hands-free opening and closing of the trunk - and special features for your teen drivers. We were driven to the Test Track for dinner and a private meet and greet with no other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse! Day two started out with a presentation from Chevy over breakfast and then a drive to Cape Canaveral where we got to spend some time at the Kennedy Space Center, then we drove back to our ... Read More

How to Wear White in the Fall #MomStyleMonday

This post contains affiliate links.  Happy Monday Mom-Stylers! So excited to be back with my favorite series and I hope that you are, too. I've been trying to be on the ball with it, but we were at Disney World last Monday and that totally took precedence ...because Disney, right? You get it! If you follow me over on Instagram especially, I've been wearing this dress in quite a few pictures and promised to blog it and that day is finally here! My whole outfit is super inexpensive, easy to re-create and proves that you can still wear white after labor day.  I ordered this beauty from Shein where everything is relatively very inexpensive. My dress is unfortunately sold out, but I linked quite a few other options below that are very similar if you want to try the white look during the fall months, too, and not dish out a ton of cash. I will be upfront that they do take a long time to ship - so plan accordingly. And of course: Starbucks is a necessity with every single outfit! I am 5'2 and wearing a medium and I will say this was a bit on the larger side and I also need to take about 3 and a half inches off the bottom to wear it comfortably around the city. I am wearing about 3 inch heels here, so that helps balance things out, but don't be afraid to get your maxi dresses altered and wear them with flats or booties! Every woman needs a classic denim jacket and I admittedly didn't have one until this month. You've seen me style this denim bomber jacket ... Read More

7 Surprising Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season {Giveaway}

This post is sponsored by Kmart. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Project Motherhood. Two words that moms hate to hear most as the chilly weather approaches is "flu season" and it's unfortunately upon us. We're smack dab in the middle of the time of year when not only the flu, but coughs and colds almost become the norm. It's the worst. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but through lots and lots of trial and error over the years, I've learned a thing or two about not only being prepared for everyone to get sick (and it almost always happens all at one time), but for trying to prevent it, too. 1. Load up on cold and flu supplies. As silly as it sounds, don't wait until the last minute to run out and grab your cold and flu supplies when someone starts to feel achy. Have your medicine, cough drops, tissues and lots of orange juice on hand throughout the whole season - you'll never know when, but it will come in handy. 2. Lose the booze. I know, we all love that glass of wine in the evening, but flu season is even more reason to start cutting back. Here's why: alcohol interferes with our sleep quality and when we're not sleeping well, we're more inclined to get sick quicker. This is especially important if you travel a lot. 3. Get your flu shot. Yup, your whole family! And it's easier now than ever because your local Kmart  is a one- stop shop for all the items above, plus they're offering $0 flu shots (no cost with most insurance plans), as well as ... Read More