Yoga For Desk Jockies

Desk jockeys spend considerably long hours hunched in front of the computer. Continuously typing on the keyboard and constant watch over the screen makes your hands go numb and also causes dryness in your eyes. Your vision may also become affected in the long run. Improper posture and being seated for long periods of time can cause undue pain in your neck, back and hips. To get rid of such ailments and help you to work optimally, there are certain yoga postures that you can practice. Performing these exercises during breaks or while remaining seated will give you a lot of relief from health problems arising from sedentary jobs. Exercise for the eyes Working people who spend lot of time on the computer are afflicted by the computer vision syndrome. The Trakata form of yoga is very useful in alleviating dry eyes, a common problem encountered by people who are exposed to working on computers for long hours. Sit on a meditation pillow and relax yourself. Place a lighted candle on the floor. With half open eyes, concentrate on the candle flame without blinking your eyes till the eyes are filled with tears. Your eyes will get the desired lubrication. It is best performed early morning or before bedtime. Exercises for the upper back You tend to hunch over when you are working at a desk job which contributes to back pain. This particular asana (posture) is designed to keep the spine erect and help you relieve the back pain. The Marjaryasana or the cat pose stretches … [Read more...]

Fall + Festivities = Family Fun!

Since October starts the span of holidays that occur during the fall/winter months, plus puts an end to the summer activities that linger through September, I always try to take on this special month with vigor and some new activities! Since a lot of the fall activities we did while living in the suburbs are a bit different in the city, we have had to adapt, and sometimes do some traveling in order to really celebrate fall the way that it was meant to be! But, if you are a suburban Mama, most of these suggestions will be right at your fingertips! Fall Fun Festivities Pumpkin Picking- This is obviously a fall no-brainer, and also a traditional, cherished memory. Try researching local pumpkin patches and trying out a new one this year! I always love buying little baked goods, candy apples, apple butter, etc while we are looking for "the perfect pumpkin." We like to do a mixture of pumpkin carving and painting, since its fun to let this activity take up the whole day. While my hubby is busy carving the pumpkin, I'm in charge of the seeds. I try to make them different each year by adding yummy spices. Last year was a cinnamon and nutmeg mixture, maybe this year I will go for salty! Apple Picking- I really want to find a place outside of the city to go apple picking this year! This is a fall activity that I have never done, but always thought would be fun! Plus, there are so many yummy things to make in the kitchen as a family with the apples that you bring … [Read more...]

These Boots Were Made For Walking…

Alright, I'm not afraid to admit it: I am a bootoholic. This may be a made up illness, but every year at this time, my collection of coveted boots seems to grow, and grow! Don't get me wrong, I love my stilletos and the way they make my legs look long (which they are not) in my skinny jeans, but I am partial to fall and the boot trends that it brings. Since my boot shopping for fall 2012 started way back in August whenever the annual Nordstrom Anniverary Sale was taking place, I thought I would share with you what is on my boot radar this season and why! This is the boot that started it all for me this season, the MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Riding Boot from Nordstrom. This is a practical boot that I will most likely be living in this season. Easy to walk around the city, durable, and chic. I also love the gold hardware because it pops and makes them look even more classic. If you were lucky enough to get these during the Anniversary Sale, then you got them for almost $100 off the retail price, but they currently retail for $274. 95. A true winner and closet staple for every Mama! You don't always need a heel to look sexy. These little babies only got away from me because they didn't have my size at the crazy Macys in Herald Square. If you are a fan of Frye, these are a femenine alternative to their more structured look. They are a little bit pricy at $298, but they will last your entire life! The sales woman told me that these are exclusive to Macys, so … [Read more...]

Fabulous Finds: Clickless™ For Stilettos

Dear Diary, This past weekend my husband and I took Branden to a  puppet show that they do for kiddos from time to time in Bryant Park. They are really great because everything is handmade and totally relatable--even for adults. They work in things like how Clara the Cow dreamed of growing up and becoming a barista at Moo-Bucks....things like that! Anyways, of course we were running late (this time it was my husband fault, not mine!) and the show had already started upon our arrival. We looked around and finally found 3 seats in the middle of the entire seating area, making us "those annoying people" during the show. As we were climbing to our spots, I couldn't help but notice how LOUD my stilettos were clanking on the hard surface. I could see heads turning in my direction, parents "shushing" me, and even Clara the Cow stopped and stared for a second--total embarrassment! This was certainly not the kind of attention I was hoping these heels would bring me whenever I paired them with my outfit that morning. What's a Mama to do? Well, this Mama met her destiny! It's funny how things work out sometimes, because a few days later, I ran into Nicole Greener, the owner of this amazing new company, Clickless™, that offers a resolution to this problem! Nicole was in town for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week whenever our paths crossed and she offered me a life changing sample of this wonderful product. I could wait to take it home and try it out! I found myself prancing around on our … [Read more...]

Glimmering Gold!

So I have been starting to feel that chill in the air, pulling out my warmer blankets and turning the AC down, switching over my wardrobe and feeling pretty happy about the little amount of sweat that I have shed this week in comparison to a couple weeks ago. As I got ready for work this past Friday, I looked in the mirror to apply my new red liquid lipstick, and I noticed that there it was summer tan that is! I was no longer Glimmering Gold, and my skin had turned back to its dull olive shade, oh noooo! I can only assume that I'm not the only one feeling discouraged by this. My tan always made me feel glamorous. So, this past weekend, I set out to try some new sunless tanning products, since I refuse to get into a tanning bed any longer, and share my findings with you all. I also included a few products that I am yearning to try, but have not. Maybe you can give it a go and fill me in! L'Oreal Sublime Bronze has been my go-to sunless tanner for a little while now because I feel like I do get the instant results that I want, plus I always have people verbally notice my tan whenever I use this. The only problem with this product that that I have to make sure I wake up extra early in the morning to devote some time to this product. I make sure that I exfoliate in the shower and then take the time to really rub this in to avoid the streaks that can (and sometimes do) occur. Also, it bronzes you too on the first day of application, so make sure your all right with … [Read more...]

The Making of a “Clothes Horse”

With Project Motherhood fixated on two important topics so far this month (Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends and Back to School), I couldn't resist writing this Editor's Post about my earliest days of "walking the runway"...on the First Day of School each year!  The Making of a "Clothes Horse" Editor's Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese This post constitutes a trip down memory lane, so I will start with the definition of the term my mother often called me as a teenager. She called me a “Clothes Horse”! But what in the world did she mean by THAT?! According to my research, the term "clothes horse" originally came from a rack used for drying clothes in a laundry room.  My mother, of course, meant the OTHER definition…a person obsessed with fashion.  Yup, that would be me!  But how did this happen?  In my opinion, my fashion obsession began in my early childhood, and I think my dear mother is actually partly to blame on this one, so hear me out! You can see it in the glowing “Back to School” photos of my two younger sisters and me standing outside of our little bungalow home in Highland Park for our annual “Back to School” photos in elementary school in the 1950’s. While it only took a second for us to "smile for the birdie!", the capturing of this single moment was many weeks in the preparation. All of the fuss began because our father bought our mother a beautiful new Singer Sewing machine, equipped with all the latest fancy stitches and a beautiful “blond” … [Read more...]

Pucker Up!

Sometimes, when I am getting dressed in the morning, it's easiest to turn to that one color that most women turn! It can be hard to get out of that color palate comfort zone and choose colors that are bright and bubbly. This past Spring, I made it my own personal mission to add some color to my wardrobe, and I think that I mostly succeeded. (But then again, it WAS Spring, so it wasn't the most difficult mission to accomplish!)  As Fall brings darker colors, it can be hard (and expensive!) to convince yourself to purchase bright colors in your clothing. Therefore, an easy way to add some edge or "pop" of color to a look, in addition to nail polish, which we discussed on Monday, is through lip color. Each season, in addition to clothing, I always look to see what lip shades the designers are sending their models down the runway wearing, to get a hint of what colors are going to be stocking the shelves of Bloomingdales and Sephora all over the nation. Fall 2012 brings bold, bold, bold lip shades! This year, it is time to take a risk whenever you are shopping for a new shade, so don't be afraid to lather it on your pouty lips--day OR night! The main hues we are trending are: Deep Wine, Orange, and Bold Reds. In addition, a new lip trend that is all over the place is liquid lipstick. This is basically much bolder lip gloss that is going to give your lips that "wow" factor, without seeming nearly as pasty as a lipstick would be on your lips. I'm really looking forward … [Read more...]

OPI Shades For Fall

As we are all indulging in the newest fall fashion trends for this upcoming season, there is one thing that we absolutely cannot neglect...our nails! Painting your nails in the seasons hottest nail colors can be a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to spice up any look. My personal favorite nail polish company, OPI, is widely known for their many different collections, partnering with celebrities, and of course, their notorious nail shade names! This year, OPI released their highly anticipated OPI Germany Collection. The collection brings together an overall edginess to classic shades. The companies inspiration came from Berlin, where fashion trends exhibit more avant-garde looks with classic touches. The collection included 12 shades that are as vibrant and exciting as ever! You can find these "haute hues" exclusively at professional salons nationwide. Each bottle of OPI nail polish does NOT contain  DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde, and each INCLUDES OPI’s exclusive ProWide™Brush for the ultimate in application. Here is the line-up: Don’t Pretzel My Buttons A haute honey-beige that can always make you smile.        My Very First Knockwurst …and what a magical rosy-nude rendezvous it was!  Berlin There Done That A traveling taupe that’s seen it all. (Yep, that too). Don’t Talk Bach to Me There’s nothing mellow about this sassy lime-yellow! Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine! A bodacious black-olive? We say “Ja! Ja! Ja!” Unfor-greta-bly … [Read more...]

Back to School With Borrow Baby Couture

So we have had the opportunity to take a closer look at the company Borrow Baby Couture through an amazing introduction + giveaway, and meeting their lovely CEO. Now, it's time for us to experience Borrow Baby Couture. In order to do this, we are going to live vicariously through a dress-loving, fashionista from birth, little girl named Giana. Since I have a little boy, and Borrow Baby Couture currently only rents out girls' clothes from ages 9 months- 4 years, I asked my parents' next door neighbor, Giana, if she would help me out. My parents are smitten with this little cutie and I am always hearing about her love of dresses! (She reminds my father of me at that age!) So I was sure there couldn't be a better candidate to experience Borrow Baby Couture.  So, I offered, little Giana gladly accepted, and she got right to shopping immediately! Giana and her mother Felicia dashed to the computer and browsed through the large inventory of designer clothes and dresses that Borrow Baby Couture offers. After spending some time exploring the many delightful options for her rental, Giana decided on the Fendi Contrast Panel Shift Dress. The bright coral color and perfect little silhouette instantly drew Giana and her mom to it, and even more so since it was designed by Fendi! Once the order was placed, it only took a couple of days before Giana received her coveted package in the mail. She carefully unwrapped the dress from the perfectly placed white tissue paper, and her smile … [Read more...]

Fashion Week: Chado Ralph Rucci Spring 2013

There is something tangible that shifts in the air in New York City as Fashion Week takes over. There seems to be an extra bounce in every fashion lover's high heeled step as they wait in anticipation for their favorite designers to show at Lincoln Center. For the past four years, the week of festivities has kicked off with Fashion's Night Out, an event originally created to help boost retail sales when the economy took a downturn. This year, it was held on Thursday, September 6th, which I celebrated with a few friends by attending an exclusive event at Aritzia in Soho and drinking way too many vodka and lemonades while attempting to shop! I somehow went home that night without making any purchases, as I left the store lusting for a beautiful winter white crepe blazer even while I convinced myself that I could find it for a less expensive price elsewhere. Then, last night, I moved onto even bigger things, as I had the extreme pleasure of attending the Chado Ralph Rucci fashion show! If you follow Project Motherhood regularly, then you may have seen that Ralph Rucci's sister and Director of PR, Rosina Rucci, graciously extended an exclusive invitation to me after reading my post Fashion 101: Ralph Rucci, and I gladly accepted! Even though our credit cards and wallets are currently indulging in our personal looks for Fall 2012, the fashion designers have progressed ahead of us by a few seasons. Therefore, as I debated whether or not to wear a quarter-length, two tone … [Read more...]