How Do You Wear ‘Em? 7 Secrets to Rocking Tights With Every Outfit

Autumn is just around the corner which means it's time for all those cozy things you love – tights, boots, scarves, and more. Tights can be a tricky accessory if you don't know how to wear them right, but have no fear – that's what we're here for.We've put together a list of great tips for rocking hosiery in your everyday life. Take a look: Tip #1: Use tights to add some color. Tights are a great way to add some flare to your otherwise monochromatic outfit. Adding tights for a pop of color can completely change how your outfit looks – and, you have plenty of color options when wearing with black or brown. If you're wearing a short dress, try pairing the outfit with a cute pair of ankle boots. Tip #2: Use tights to transition between seasons. Tights are not only a great color addition to your outfit, but they can also help provide some warmth to your otherwise bare legs. Try pairing black tights with a spring dress to transition your way into the fall season. Or, wear tights with a cable knit sweater – just make sure to add a belt to your look for a little more shape. The beauty of these pairs is that you can wear it with nearly any shoe – an ankle boot, flats, or pumps. Tip #3: Use patterns to make your outfit pop! If your outfit is fairly plain, find yourself some colorful patterned tights to make it pop. Try fishnets, lace, or some other pattern and wear it with a skirt and boots for a cute fall look. Tip #4: Get a sleek look with sheer tights. … [Read more...]

Fall Fashion Please!

To me, fall has always meant one! As soon as the air gets crisp and the leaves start to fall to the ground, it means that it is time to take my camel colored wool coat, boots, and Burberry bags out of storage, and start styling my wardrobe! Since my addiction to fashion has remained true through the years, I just couldn't wait to compile the hottest fall fashion trends for 2012 into one article to share with you all lovely Mamas! I have tried my best to translate each trend from runway to realway, but don't let my suggestions stop you from expressing YOURSELF this season! Every Mama deserves to fashionable in her own sense, so get shopping Ladies! From The Runway.... Monochromatic whites, greens, and navy as the NEW neutral. Monochromatic has been a trend for a while now, but the fashion world gave it a special twist this season when they made it all about winter white. Adding chic winter white to your wardrobe has always been a great way to add some pop into your deep dark fall hues, but this season you can pair the winter white with MORE winter white. Green is another color that is being paired with different shades of green to make the fall 2012 color story complete. We are seeing everything from green handbags to lace shirts of all different shades and depths. Whenever you are typically leaning towards black and brown as your closet neutrals, think again this season! It all about the navy! Add navy to your wardrobe through pants, shoes, … [Read more...]

Lunchbox Essentials

Well, it's that time again--back to school! If your kiddos are anything like my picky little man, whether you are packing school lunches, or if  your wee ones are home with you, you know they get sick of eating to same thing over and over. I know that for me personally, being the control freak that I am (I know my husband is reading this and nodding his head yes), I like to make Branden's meals myself so that I have control over the calories and nutrition that's going into his body. So Mamas, its time to get creative and keep our kiddos appetites fulfilled with some fun back to school lunchbox essential recipes! Ready...set...hit the kitchen! Pinwheel Wrap This can really be done with any different variation to suit your kiddos likes and dislikes. 1. Whole Wheat Wrap 2. Something to glue your ingredients together (i.e. cream cheese, peanut butter, nutella, etc) 3. Add ons, such as: lunch meat, shredded cheese, deli cheese, bananas, etc ***First, apply your spread to the wrap, and then pile on your add-ons. Roll everything up and then cut the wrap so that it is divided into circular sections that look like pinwheels! Sweet Skewers 1. Skewers 2. Fresh fruit 3. Marshmallows ***Put all of the ingredients together on the skewer and instant healthy snack with sweet temptations, too! Additional items that just make lunch more fun! Let your kiddos pick out a fun lunch box that they are excited to bring to school everyday. Purchase some kids friendly ice packs such … [Read more...]

A Summertime Reflection

As we are coming to an end of one of the hottest summers in decades, I can't help look back at this summer, and summers  past, to reflect on many life changing events and experiences that have helped mold me into the person that I am today. My little Branden is getting ready to celebrate his 4th birthday on September 27th (I can't believe that I am a Mama to an almost 4 year old!) and our thoughts are revolving around the celebration of this special day. The other day as Branden and I were walking down the streets of this concrete jungle, he couldn't help himself from stopping and gazing into the windows of every toy store, adding new items to his birthday wish list. Then there was me, openly gazing at the large numbers of pregnant women, out and about in the sweltering heat. I couldn't help but mentally commiserate with them, since I was well into my third trimester of my pregnancy in August of 2008 and desperately wishing that I could "pop" the baby out a month early, I was so hot! I can't even begin to imagine what it has been like for pregnant women during this heat wave! Events such as pregnancy tend to shape us and change us into different people, but there are some things that will always remain the same. This time 4 years ago, I was worried about the weight I had gained during my pregnancy and how to lose that weight. And here I am, 4 years later still worrying about weight issue...some things never change! But the big things in life, they certainly DO change, … [Read more...]

Becoming a Mompreneur: Interview With Borrow Baby Couture’s CEO Heidi Lieske

Once you become a Mama and are contemplating choices around working, it is good to remind yourself that employment, whether part-time or full-time, is NOT the only alternative. Starting your own business can be an exciting experience that can blend really well into your busy life with your children.  While the thought of starting a business can be very overwhelming, for some special Mamas, "Mompreneurship" is an ideal path to pursue, with the sky as the limit for manifesting dreams into a new company. Today we will be talking to an amazing Mama who chose to make something that she loved and was passionate about materialize into her own company.  Today, I am offering all of you a chance to check out the inner workings of a Mom like you, who understood how to make her dreams a reality, and what a reality it IS!  Get ready to be amazed! A couple of weeks ago, we learned about the delightful new company, Borrow Baby Couture in my post "Borrow Baby Couture + Giveaway."  If you missed the post, I HIGHLY suggest that you take a peak, because it's an awesome company that you DON'T want to miss!  Borrow Baby Couture is a place where Mamas can indulge in Designer Clothing for their little ones, by renting an array of gorgeous, special items of clothing for children!  And when your child grows into a new size, you don't have to cry real tears about all the money you spent for  pricey threads that will now sit in the closet, you can just browse the website and rent something … [Read more...]

Sweaters Are For Winter! Energy Saving and Thermostat Settings

Sweaters are for Winter! Energy saving and thermostat settings and how an easy shift can affect our kids for the better. Editor’s Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese                                                                                                                 (Could we use some Common Sense instead of wasting our resources? Read this NOW to learn how energy saving and thermostat settings can help our kids!) It’s a perfect summer day…hot, sunny, and dazzlingly bright! Your young children wake with an abundance of joy, knowing today is Water Park and Arcade Day! You run through the mental checklist as you all buckle up in the car… Sun Screen, check. Water bottles, water shoes, check. Lots of coins saved up from the piggy banks, check!  You start the ignition…WAIT!  You forgot the SWEATERS!  That arcade is so freezing cold that your glasses steam up when you walk back outside!  So, my stout-hearted Mamas, does this ever strike you as RIDICULOUS?  What about WASTEFUL, as in electricity?  This has set me to thinking. And as my husband and kids know so well, when I start to “Think” with a Capital T, it often leads to Trouble with the same kind of T  ;) So yeah. I’m THINKING all the way back to the early days of our country, when there were some wise men.   As a school child, I remember hearing about our Founding Fathers, guys like Ben Franklin, George Washington, and Tom Paine. Some of the simplest statements from back then still hold a world of truth … [Read more...]

Almost Famous

Dear Readers of Project Motherhood, The normal post for today is postponed, due to an unexpected call late yesterday from ABC News, Nightly News with Diane Sawyer, who said that they may want to interview me at my home (gasp...I just moved into this place!) about Project Motherhood and one of our Blog Posts from April, "The B Word." It now is apparently a very timely piece, what with Mayor Bloomberg of NYC taking a stand on breastfeeding over bottlefeeding. (Don't ya love these guys who think they know just what's best for us Mamas?!) That's right, everyone, Project Motherhood is on the pulse! (But you already knew that!)  Anyway, they are not yet sure if and when they can fit this story into the Nightly News, but stay tuned!  Just like you Mamas out there, we at Project Motherhood know that we can and will be prepared for ANYTHING! So, if one of your ultimate role models, the always beautiful and ever poised Diane Sawyer, called you...would you be in any position to write about Summertime Reflections?  NO! Instead, my Editor and I immediately went into strategy mode...what to wear? What are the points about breastfeeding vs bottlefeeding and Project Motherhood that  I want to cover?  etc. etc. etc.  So, in the end, here is a true confession:   instead of writing the blog post for today...I headed out last night for Shopping Therapy!  Must have the perfect outfit if Diane calls back :) :) :) Fashionably Yours, Allison … [Read more...]

5 Quick Tips to Get To School Faster!

Time to go to school, kids—Mommy’s got work to do! Well, folks—it’s that time of year again—get ready to set your alarms and smile at your kindergarten teacher, Speed Chic’s taking you BACK TO SCHOOL! As a busy MWAH (Mommy Working At Home), I treasure the few hours of quiet time that public school provides. With your second cup of coffee and a fun magazine in mind, here are… 5 Quick Tips to Get To School Faster! 1. Pre-Pack Backpacks and Lunch Boxes I used to work as an assistant for a top fashion editor—my duties included packing big black trunks on rolling wheels full of designer dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry—each layered in tissue or rolled in plastic baggies to be unfurled at a glamorous location for a celeb photo shoot. My kids are clearly not celebrities (yet) but I employ the same professional techniques learned in the field. Pack each child’s school bag the night before with homework and extra clothes. Leave the backpacks open by the front door so as you’re running out to the bus stop, you remember to toss in the lunchboxes that you pre-packed at dinner time. 2. Create a Flexible Routine My guys (and me too, actually) do better when we know what to expect. In the morning, we have a general routine that I try to stick to in a gentle way. It goes like this: Wake up, have some milk, watch a show, turn off TV, sit at the table to eat breakfast, wash up and get dressed, playtime, and then go. They know when their show is over that TV time is done, … [Read more...]

Fashion History 101: Ralph Rucci

As summer is coming to an end, and the season is changing into fall (Yay, my favorite fashion season!), I'd like to pay homage to a designer who helped spark the fashion gene inside of me and nurtured it grow into something much bigger. You see, whenever I first started studying fashion in NYC, the first designer collection that I ever witnessed at the world renowned Metropolitan Museum was Ralph Rucci. His collections are filed under the name Chado Ralph Rucci, but he wasn't a designer that I knew the way I did Coco Chanel and Michael Kors. Through Fashion History Classes, I learned that he is recognized as one of (possibly the only) American couturier by the CFDA. (Council of Fashion Designers of America) This is a HUGE accomplishment and something that many American designers strive for and never reach. If you are curious about the true definition of a couturier, it  literally comes from a french word mean "to sew." For something to be considered to be couture, the clothing must meet the following stipulations: it must be produced in small quantities it must only utilize hand-sewing techniques (no sewing machines allowed here) it must be sized specifically to fit a specific individual's body (1) Yes, I pulled out one of my old fashion textbooks so that I got these worded  just right! With labels such as Juicy Couture and Romeo and Juliet Couture on the market, I know this can be a little bit confusing, but this is how true couture is determined and … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Nanny for Your Child

Choosing a nanny to watch over your children is a very intimate, personal decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Since the person you hire is going to be in your home every day watching over one (or more!) of the most important people in your life, you want her to be a perfect fit for your family, and you should take plenty of time to map out exactly what you’re looking for before signing someone on to take the job. Use these tips to help find a nanny that will fit in with your family: 1.      Discuss what everyone in the family wants from the nanny. Are you looking for someone who is going to be able to do extra chores around the house in addition to providing childcare, or do you want someone who is solely focused on caring for your child? Do you want someone who is going to be able to teach your child a valuable skill, such as how to cook or a new language? Do you need someone who is available at the drop of a hat, or will you have a set schedule and hours for them? Do you want a live-in or a live-out nanny? All of these questions, and more, can help you narrow down exactly what you want from your nanny. 2.      Tell close friends and relatives that you’re looking for a nanny. Often-times, family and friends will be able to give recommendations to you about nannies that they know and trust, or they’ll be able to talk to their own nannies to see if they know someone who would fit the bill. Finding nanny recommendations through friends and family members gives many … [Read more...]