Behind the Scenes

Last fall, my parents came to visit and treated us all to a night out to a Broadway show. My mom chose Priscilla Queen of the Desert after reading a positive review online. She came to the conclusion that it was about four friends who take a fun trip through the desert. Much to my father's surprise, it was about four drag queen friends taking a trip through the desert. I thought that it was fabulous, but I sensed that my dad was a little unprepared!  Broadway can indeed take you by surprise! Anyways, throughout the whole show, I couldn't help but think about all the work that it took "behind the scenes" to get these amazing performers into these larger than life costumes and onto the magnificently decorated stage. Then, I looked at myself and could see some similarities. As women, fashion lovers, and busy Mamas, it takes some preparation behind the scenes to pull ourselves together and make a grand entrance on our "stage" (a.k.a. our jobs, our roles as mother, and our daily routines). Lets face it, some of the outfits that we pull together take a little extra effort in order to wear tem properly. Whether you are breaking in a new pair of heels, suffering from a clingy skirt, or need to be sucked in an extra half inch in order to fit into your high waisted trousers, there are times we could all use a little help behind the scenes. Here are some great products that I make sure I keep handy just in case I encounter a wardrobe malfunction! Shapewear- This is a closet … [Read more...]

Online Shopping 101

Dear Diary, As busy Mamas, sometimes (just sometimes) it is easier to simply login to the internet and do our shopping there. Since I usually turn to "out and about" shopping as one of my cardio calorie burning workouts, I do need to make sure that I balance the online shopping with the actual brick and mortar store shopping. Since I shared the shopping techniques that I use whenever I am physically shopping in my post Project Motherhood Shopping Techniques, I thought that it was only appropriate to let you all in on my online shopping secrets!  Even if they don't burn calories, they certainly can produce the goods! Online Shopping 101 You first obviously want to make sure that the website(s) you plan on shopping on are safe and secure. They must be somewhere that you feel comfortable giving your credit card information to. Do your research, read reviews, and if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Use their emailing list. Most e-commerce websites have an emailing list that sends out weekly, bi-weekly, or daily emails to you abut upcoming sales, coupons, and discounts that they are offering. Use this to your advantage, especially if you are contemplating purchasing a higher ticketed priced item. It may let you know about an upcoming sale! In a lot of cases, e-commerce websites have big partner websites that you can be introduced to as well. In addition, a lot of retailers will now announce secret sales to customers on their emailing … [Read more...]

Make-Up to the Rescue!

In a perfect world, I would wake up looking glamorous, flawless, and always put together. I would be ready to start each day with a pearly white grin, luscious pouty red lips, and naturally rosy cheeks. Now in reality, I wake up just hoping that I don't have dark circles and bags under my eyes, as I face the day with a coffee boost in one hand and my Blackberry in the other. I feel like all women suffer from being self conscious about some type of beauty flaw that they know they have and are always striving to correct! As for attempting to correct my many issues, I've tried out many, many different beauty products over the years to find solutions, and I thought I would pass my findings along to you. Make-up Problem #1: My make-up doesn't last all day! I suffered from this hardcore whenever I first moved to the city for college. I would get up to go to class and get my makeup on, then from class I went to work, and from work I went out to party! My makeup was definitely not going to survive through all that, even with some minor touch-ups if I had time to run to the bathroom throughout the day. Now as a Mama, I'm not gallivanting around the city nearly as much, but I feel like I have resolved this issue due to some fabulous products. I HIGHLY recommend a primer+ finishing spray routine. You have to figure out what works the best for your skin type, but I use Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer and Urban Decay Oil-Free All Nighter spray. Make-Up Problem #2: Dark … [Read more...]

Healthy Oral Hygiene Routine for Children

Good oral health always goes hand in hand with proper oral hygiene routines. Oral hygiene is defined as: the effort to keep one’s mouth and teeth clean and healthy. The maintenance of oral hygiene in children is wholly dependent upon parents or caregivers, who are therefore responsible for providing a simple routine. Early visits with a dentist are generally not part of the check-up routine that follows after the birth of a child. However, some paediatric practices are beginning to provide oral health screenings during health visits. The parents generally decide when their child is ready for a visit to the family dentist. Typically, unless there is a problem, the first visit to a dentist should be around the age of one, or when the first teeth erupt. Although children do not keep their ‘milk teeth’ it is still important to take care of them. The quality of the teeth and gums will provide great support for their new adult set. It is imperative that you start caring for your child’s teeth as soon as the first one appears. First Steps for Creating a Good Oral Hygiene Routine: Use a clean, damp cloth to clean the baby’s first tooth. Switch to a child friendly toothbrush, with soft bristles and a small handle when more teeth develop. Encourage brushing twice daily with a children’s toothpaste or gel. Let them see how you brush your teeth, too. Supervise to ensure that the child is doing a correct job. Encourage children to eat healthy, nutritious foods, and you … [Read more...]

Summer Safety

Summer is filled with lots of fun times and memory making with your family, but there is also the fact that you are doing activities that you and your family don't usually do at other times of the year. Which means that during summer there are unfortunately added things to think of whenever it comes to summer safety. (I know, I addition to remembering what to pack in our Mommy Beach Bags, we must add new safety measures to our brains...overwhelmed much?) I know that I am really big whenever it comes to lists (post-its are some of my best friends), so I thought that it might be helpful to share an organized list filled with highlighted safety measures specific to summertime. I even threw in a little section filled with things that our "Mama brains" might overlook. At the Beach and Pool... Make sure you buy your kiddos bright colored bathing suits to wear to the beach so that they always stand out. Make sure everyone is lathered up in lots of SPF! If the beach has rocky terrain, make sure that your wee ones are wearing swimming shoes. If a family member gets stung by any type of creature in the ocean, make sure you wash the affected area with isopropyl, sea water, alcohol, or vinegar. Make sure your kids are always swimming near the lifeguards, but also keep a close watch youself. Follow the rule that NO ONE swims alone. Set a good example for your kids whenever it comes to following pool and beach rules. And, please, tell your child that … [Read more...]

Healthy Snack Ideas For Weight Loss – Busy Mom Style

There are so many wonderful, healthy snack ideas for weight loss that will seriously get that "momtabolism" going, and probably already in your kitchen. I know we are all so used to hearing "Eat 5 SMALL meals during the day in order to lose weight," but that doesn't always work for ALL of us. Everyone eats differently, and everyone's body is different. I say: do what works best for YOU, because it makes YOU feel good! I am personally a grazer. I will graze through little snacks all day long, and then eat a normal dinner. Some might say this is wrong, but it works for me and makes me happy. My theory is that if everything I am putting into my mouth is healthy, then I am probably doing okay. It's not always easy, especially whenever we are lugging kids everywhere and trying to keep ourselves from eating the leftovers off their plates. But, easy healthy snack ideas for weight loss will get you motivated to make and keep your new year goals. Easy Healthy Snack Ideas For Weight Loss My typical breakfast on a work day consists of a Kind Bar and a banana. I can eat this combination (along with my coffee) at around 9:30am and it can hold me over until about 1:30pm. On mornings where I have more time, I love to eat homemade yogurt parfaits (you have to watch the calorie/sugar/fat content on store bought options) with plain yogurt, berries, granola, and honey.  I'm also an egg white freak and love making yummy egg scrambles with fresh veggies....sooo good! Dry … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

I feel like I have always struggled with having a slow metabolism as I spent my high school and college days counting calories and working out constantly, only to do nothing more than maintain my weight. Then, for some strange reason, after I had Branden, I was finally able to lose the weight that I had been trying to get rid of for years. Maybe it was because I had him very young, but either way, something in my metabolism finally shifted. Now, as Branden is about to turn 4 years old, I feel like my "momtabolism" is starting to plateau again and using these easy ways to boost your metabolism will help get it going again. In my quest for fitness fulfillment, I have yearned for smart and natural ways to boost your metabolism and hope that you will all join me in these fun activities that help rev up your momtabolism and keep it going! time!Easy Ways to Boost Your MetabolismGet moving early in the morning in order to start revving up the momtabolism! Try setting your alarm for 15-30 minutes before you typically wake up (or before the little ones start to stir) and do some vigorous stretching or yoga.Want to work out as a family? We have been running relays together at our local running path. Since Branden can't run as fast as my husband and I yet, we take turns running a 1/2 to 1 mile each and then switch, completing jumping jacks, crunches, etc. with Branden while waiting for the other to return. We repeat this about 2 times, 3 if we are feeling very … [Read more...]

Toning it Up in Style

I know that we all strive to get that "beach body" look going on before summer hits and bathing suit shopping begins, but there are "some of us" who are a little bit behind. You see, my husband and I just recently realized that our bodies are not exactly where we want them to be. So even though it is nearing the end of July, we have made a strong commitment with one another to tone up. Therefore, I have declared this "Fitness Week" at Project Motherhood and am going to take you on my journey to toning my body up, in style of course! Of course my first step was to make a few stops at some different stores to find some fun clothes to work out in. There is no rule against looking fashionable at the gym, except please let's not go in the direction of those crazy women who come in all glammed up in hair and make-up...big gym no no!  But I am a HUGE believer in the "If you look good, then you feel good" rule. So today my lovely Mamas, we are going to cover our bases of gym fashion. My old working out wardrobe consisted of worn yoga pants (not gonna lie, some had holes in the crotch area!) and an old maternity ribbed tank. I decided that this time around, I needed an update in a very major way! Since my new work-out routine is going to consist of a lot of running and yoga, I made sure to keep my designated activities in the back of my mind while hunting for this new apparel. I don't feel like you need to run out and get an entire wardrobe from Lululemon, so here are some great … [Read more...]

Motherhood as Performance Art – How to Choose Your Best Supporting Cast!

Editor’s Post by Deborah Hetrick Catanese Project Motherhood is all about “walking the runway of motherhood”. I totally get that! As Females, Mamas, and Fashionistas, sometimes we can't resist the urge to get dressed up and put on a show! How about if we playfully take it a step further and think of our lives as performance art? We can embrace the notion that “all the world” is indeed our stage. With that in mind, our role as a mother should be one of the great performances of our lives! So what does an actress in a role do to prepare?  She makes sure she feels good.  She makes sure she looks good, which is even more important if she doesn't feel good! An actress makes sure she has done her homework and is ready for anything! And she always knows that the show must go on, regardless of any glitches or missed cues or stumbles along the way.  Now substitute “Mama” for “actress”! So, yes, we Mamas can follow the lead of these Artists! Even when something is amiss in our performance as a mother, our show must go on! Even when you've been up half the night with your little one, you still have to find a way to pull it together the next day. As any successful actress will tell you in her Academy Award winning speech, there are MANY people she must thank that helped her get to the pinnacle of success!  To us fashionista mamas, these are our very important “Supporting Cast” and we must choose them ever so carefully! For this post, I thought about the people I need … [Read more...]

Heels Built For Summer

Summer is filled with lots of fun footwear that free our toes and allow our beautiful pedicures to show! Flip flops are great for running errands and lounging beach or poolside, but there is just something about brightly colored summer heels or sleek high heeled sandals that can create a show stopping look. So whether you have a diaper bag on one shoulder and a baby on the other, or you are sternly trying to coax your teenager off their phone, these heels will help complete your summer look in style! The Denise by Rachel Zoe is a great shoe for a night out on the town. It will look great paired with a colorful dress or a sexy bandaged pencil skirt. This shoe will surely let your inner diva shine through. Plus, the 5 3/4 inch heel will give the illusion that you just magically lost 10 ponds! These sky high wedges from Seychelles will be turning heads in your direction this summer. The bright yellow will certainly give you a glamorous pop of color without going over the top, while the neutral colored wedge will allow you to pair these with many different looks. Now all you need to think about is what color pedicure you want to wear to really make it pop! If you are attending any summer weddings or formal events, the Celeste from Kate Spade is a really great option. These have a very summery feel to it with the bright hue, while the satin material brings it to a whole new level of classy. I really love Kate Spade's twist on a classic shoe silhouette by … [Read more...]