Parent Approved: Pittsburgh Travels With Dino Tales Game

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If you follow me on Facebook, you saw that B and I were traveling yesterday to spend some time with my parents in Pittsburgh while my husband is away for 2 weeks of Army training – and the experiences we had so far! We took the Megabus from NYC to Pittsburgh because its cheap and easy, but I knew we had a long ride ahead of us. I wanted to make it as fun as possible, so I packed things to keep Branden busy, which included our new favorite – Dino Tales Game.


While we are visiting, B doesn’t have any access to his usual xbox games or YouTube videos that he’s obsessed with, which is fine by me! I’m beyond happy to replace these with something that will strengthen his literacy, reasoning and inquiry skills, and help get him ready for back to school in a few weeks! I had the amazing opportunity to work with Dino Tales and Safari Tales and can honestly say the benefits are fantastic, and the interest factor would instantly draw any child and parent into the game.


One of our favorite places to spend our time in NYC is The Museum of Natural History, as the dinosaurs have completely caught my little guy’s attention, and the idea of learning about how these creatures lived captivates him just as much as modern technology. Because of that, I love this game for my little guy for travel and beyond, because it’s age appropriate and fun at the same time.And, as the parent of a boy who is about to turn 7, I find that, when choosing new apps for his age group, we often come across the dilemma of a game being strictly a game with no learning, or too babyish for his level – leaving him feeling annoyed.  Dino Tales Game is completely different and was designed alongside teachers to target ages 3-11 in a fun and educational manner. Score for this Mama!


I mean, just take a look at how interactive and fun this game is in the sneak peak above – so cool for our little dino lovers! In addition, the game actually generates a storybook for the kids to share with their parents that tells the tale of their gaming experience – another cool educational aspect!The creators of this game, Kuato Studios, is known for focusing on skills and strategic thinking in the games they produce, games that help develop skills such as reasoning, creativity, innovation, memory retention, problem solving and collaboration that help children conquer some of the daily problems they face.

This is truly an amazing game experience for the family as a whole. I feel so much better as a mom knowing that my son is spending time with something that he will learn from, while building on other life skills as well. To  parents with a child who is super hands on with everything and loves technology, this is a great addition to the very select group of apps that we allow him to play with. We will certainly have the Dino Tales Game up and running on our 8 hour ride back to the city – and I’m okay with that!

You can download Dino Tales Game for both iPhone and Android HERE!

Have your kiddos ever tried Dino Tales Game? I would love to hear your experience in the comments below!

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  1. What a fun game! My youngest loves his dinos this would be perfect for him.

  2. This looks like such a fun game! I will have to DL it!

  3. So cool! My son would absolutely love this. He is all about dinosaurs right now.

  4. How fun that you took the bus! I agree it’s important to pack the right stuff on Kong trips. Dinosaurs always qualify. 😊

  5. Long bus rides can definitely be the worst – but I love that there are fun, and constructive games like Dino Tales to keep kids busy! I know my nephew would love this game!

  6. That is simply adorable! I’ll have to download this game for my children. 🙂

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