Pear Shaped Body: Bathing Suits That Fit

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Hello, pretty ladies!

Time to tackle our second installment in our Dressing for your Body Shape category: shopping for bathing suits for the pear shaped body!

Pear Shaped Body: Bathing Suit Shopping De-Coded!

pear shaped bathing suits that fit

Our pear shaped body ladies tend to be more bottom heavy and carry extra weight in the hip, butt and thigh areas. The best way to combat your “problem areas” is to wear pieces on top that will help balance out the bottom half by drawing attention upwards or disguising where you need to. And depending on what kind of pear you are, sometimes simply highlighting the best part of your figure (your rear ?) and enhancing the less bountiful top part is the way to go.  Or simply featuring the top while minimizing the bottom.  Just be open to trying different options, because being a pear shape is definitely NOT a one size fits all situation.

Color-blocking is a great trend for the pear shaped body to lean towards when bathing suit shopping. Choosing a suit that is one color overall, but has a block of color or change of pattern at the top (generally in the chest area), will help balance out your bottom half. Asymmetrical designs are another great aspect to favor as it has a similar affect. And for those with a pear shaped body and a lean stomach, choosing bikinis that are high cut on the bottom will also draw attention upwards.  If you want to feature your bottom curves in a flattering way, find a great fitting suit with interesting straps and/or cut-outs in back. Smaller tighter bottoms and  tops with ruffles often even out the lightly bottom heavy pear shape.

Shop our picks for pear shaped body bathing suits!

Remember that every body type has its issues.  Even Giselle and Kate U. cannot wear EVERY bathing suit! Leave yourself enough time when bathing suit shopping and bring TWO sizes of each style in with you to the dressing room, since we know that all brands are not sized the same.  Stick with what works for your body shape and don’t try to force your “pear” shape into a “square” bathing suit. (We learned that in pre-school, right?!)  No matter how it trends, it needs to look good on YOU! Once you make your most becoming choice, strut your stuff with confidence, sweet pears!

Which one is your favorite, my lovely pears?

Fashionably Yours,


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