Skirts For Pear Shaped Women

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These skirts for pear shaped women will make you want to get up and put on a new one every single day – knowing they will all fit like a glove!

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Skirts For Pear Shaped Women

We have circled back to the pear shaped body after an awesome confession from our Editor, and now we are ready to tackle skirts! I shared last week how it was a refreshing feeling for me to re-discover my love for skirts and how they work with my apple shape, but pear is an altogether different fruit–but no less challenging for the owner!

First and foremost, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right skirts pear shaped women that will compliment your figure and accentuate the positives. For pears, we want to show off those killer curves! Remain inside of your comfort zone, because the last thing you want is to be talked into a peplum and never wear it! Also, keep in mind that we are writing suggestions from a general standpoint, so not all pear or all body shapes are always treated fairly!

Tips for finding skirts for pear shaped women

Avoid: Circle type skirts that are fuller and  hit at a high waisted point. This will make the bottom half of your body appear larger than it actually is. A great alternative to these fuller skirts is a tulip skirt, which is [typically] on the lighter side and hits at the right place on your waist, and still accentuates your curves without being super tight and unforgiving.

Look For: Just like with my apple shape body, pencil skirts are an awesome way to accentuate your curves while utilizing the straight lines of the pencil skirt. When choosing a pencil skirt, opt for one that is more professional looking and omits any trendy details. In addition, maxi skirts work great on the pear shaped body, especially if you are on the shorter side–they will make you look taller!

Fabrication: Overall, choose fabrics that you are most comfortable wearing! Each silhouette will look different in different fabrications, for instance–choose lighter fabrics for tulip shaped silhouettes and opt for spandex blends in your pencil skirts.

Silhouette: Focus on skirts with concise lines that follow the shape of your curves.

Shop our favorite skirts for pear shaped women!

Looking for more skirts for pear shaped women goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

Friends I totally get that skirts for pear shaped women can be challenging and the last thing you want is to spend hours in the dressing room trying to make a decision. I really help that this guide truly does help to guide you and that you find some skirts for pear shaped women to wear all year long that you not only love – but feel fantastic in!

Fashionably Yours,



  1. Hey Everyone! (I assume many of you are Pears like me?)

    As Editor of this blog, I just wanted to say…good job, Ali! Every one of the skirts you chose would work perfectly for my Pear!

    Here are two more tips that came to my mind as I read thru this awesome post:
    1. If the skirt is slightly on the full side, a Pear does well to wear a sleek top that is long enough to get just past the not so whittled waistline.
    2. If the skirt is sleek like a pencil, you can add a bit of body to your top half with fuller tops which also serve to disguise the transition from your top to your bottom and are almost as good as sit ups for your abdomen!

    Happy Dressing for your Pear Shape, Ladies! It’s really not that bad 🙂

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