Planning For Baby #2–What If The Economy Doesn’t Agree?

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Ahh babies–they make the world go round! They melt our hearts, they drive us crazy–we are obsessed, let’s face it. As Branden approaches his 6th birthday this weekend, we can’t help reflect back on old pictures of tiny baby Branden and think, “Where did the time go?”

bathtub picThe fact that Branden is turning 6 and we haven’t had a second child yet obviously brings up the question from family and friends–“Are you planning for baby #2?”

We of course want to give Branden a sibling–someday. But, we started our family really young, so we have a few things to cross off our planning for Baby #2 Checklist before we are ready to make it happen. But, I will confess that even just scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing it filled with babies can make me yearn for one right now.

Are you planning for baby #2? What if the economy doesn’t agree?

I recently read the article “They want a baby. The economy won’t play along,” in the Washington Post and felt an instant angst in my stomach. The article follows a couple, Melissa and Rick, who are yearning to have their first child, but are fighting against the economy, a situation that is causing a huge financial strain on their family planning. They feel as if they can never get ahead and are living in fear that they will never get the chance to ever start their family if they base it on that alone.

It also discusses some bone chilling stats. According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, American birth rates were at an all time low last year. Not just an all time low, a historic low. Scary. Reports are showing 62.9 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44. Now, a great deal of this is simply because people are having smaller families than they were in past years, but a lot of these choices are coming from finances playing a pivotal role in these decisions.


Are you planning for baby #2?

Overall, the your relationship to the economy and your personal fiances are factors that you are going to think about, whether you are planning on your first child or your twelfth. For us, as we are thinking about and preparing for another one, we are taking our current finances into consideration, such as all of Branden’s activities, plus what we would need to budget for another child (a babysitter that we currently don’t need, formula, diapers, college planning, etc.) Though there are many times where we would love to say “eff being responsible–let’s just go for it!” But in reality, because the economy is sucking so bad right now, millennials really don’t have the best opportunity to think that way.

I would really love to hear what you think! Are you planning for baby #2 (or #1, or #20)? What is weighing most heavily on your decisions?

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  1. It’s a huge decision. Follow your heart. The window within which to have children is not infinite. Once you makea decision the universe will support that. If finances are an issue and you want another child, focus on changing your income. You can’t change the economy. XOXO

  2. This totally resonates with me! Finances are definitely a factor in when to have a child, but I’m trying for it not to be. Yes, there’s a standard of living that I want and hope to maintain, but I also want my children to be close in age and connect as friends growing up and in the future. That is more important to me than struggling financially for a few years (or possibily longer).

    Visiting from SITS! 🙂

  3. Sara Rachel says:

    Three thing I really think about first my age , the economy and childcare. But definity will start try for number 2 in the beginning of 2015

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