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Over the years, I have become a firm believer of the phrase “everything happens for a reason.” I think that whenever things are happening to us that we may feel are disappointing, it may be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but eventually it will be there. I also think that sometimes situations arise in our lives to teach us a lesson, this is one of those instances.The story that I am about to share happened last summer when my little man was 2 years old.

On this specific day, the world of the day in my household was “poop.”

Yes! I said it! Poop!  It’s not glamorous and pretty darn disgusting, but as a mother, sometimes you have to deal with it. So why am I talking about poop today? Just bear with me, and I hope that maybe after reading, it will make what you have to face today a little less… well, you know.

My husband Christopher was on leave from the Army, and I decided to take advantage of him being home by taking a much needed nap. In fact, I thought we could all use some “quiet time.” We put Branden down for a nap in his bedroom, I went to take my nap in my bedroom, and my hubby went to the living room to catch up on some television. I started to drift off into a deep sleep (thoughts of Manolo’s and Louboutin’s danced in my head).  Suddenly, I felt my husband shaking me.

“Babe, you have to wake up. I need your help. You have to see what Branden just did.” These words are a mother’s worst nightmare.

I hesitantly crawled out of bed and followed my husband to where he was leading me: Branden’s bedroom. “Isn’t he supposed to be sleeping?” I thought out loud. Then it hit me. The smell.  It was unmistakable.  It was poop.

We entered the bedroom to find poop everywhere. It was smeared on the walls, all over Branden’s bed, his toys, his book shelf, everything. And Branden was naked. It took me a second to take it all in. Then, we immediately jumped into cleaning mode. I picked Branden up and took him to the bathtub. While he was soaking in the suds, my hubby and I cleaned and disinfected our little hearts out. Branden just played in the warm water and laughed.

What else can a Mama do?  I laughed along with him.  Sure, I cried a little too because it was so terribly disgusting, but the whole scene was definitely funny. If I was a little bird sitting on my window ledge peeking in at that very moment, I would have fallen out the window laughing at the three of us.

As we were cleaning, Chris explained that he had heard sounds coming from Branden’s bedroom. When he opened the door, there stood Branden, naked (even though we put him to bed fully clothed), wiping poop everywhere with one of his wipes. We came to the conclusion that he thought he was cleaning up the mess he had made. Maybe.

So, what is the moral of this story, you ask? If you have a toddler, always sleep with one eye open! And of course to help remind myself that s**t happens, whether I am planning for it or not.

Fashionably (or in this case un-fashionably) Yours,



  1. Andrea Burkhart says:

    HAHAHAHAA! I’m sorry but this story is hilarious and I am glad you can laugh a little with him bc boys will be boys :):)

  2. Oh, that is one good poop story! I’m so relieved that I’m past the diaper stage with my kids. Once my husband and I found a chunk of poop on the floor by the bookcase. My daughter’s diaper was loose, and it fell right out! Yuck!

  3. LOL!!! Great post! This sounds so much like my story that I shared in the Mother of All Meltdowns! I was taking a shower and my son smeared poop all over the living room! Thanks so much for sharing your story; I love it! 🙂

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