Life-Changing Products For After Giving Birth

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There were definitely times when I never thought the day would come, but I am finally past the pregnancy stage and home with our sweet little girl by my side every single day. Just like there are so many transitions that your body goes through to adjust to being pregnant, there’s also a lot to deal with during the postpartum phase. (Hellooooo soreness!) So, I’ve rounded up some products that are seriously my postpartum favorites and have lead to (what feels like) a life changing experience after giving birth.


Seriously Life-Changing Products For After Giving Birth

During the time after giving birth, you want as many things ready to help ease you into new motherhood.
1. This Hot Milk Lingerie Nursing Pajama Set made me feel like a human again in the hospital. Yes, those hospital gown are great for like a day, but then you start yearning for something a little bit more, ya know? This set is so comfy and is perfect for nursing mamas because the tank clips down for easy access.

2. Sore nipples? Yes you probably just had a baby and are breastfeeding! Shoosha Rescue Organic Nipple Cream is going to be your best friend to combat this common issue. Knowing that it’s organic will also put your new mom mind at ease because there is no fear about it getting into baby’s mouth – so load it on if you need to! Also, I have a great review of their stretch mark oil that is also amazing to help dull stretch marks after giving birth. 

3. If you are breastfeeding or not, you want a comfortable bra to wear each day – nothing with underwires! This Cake Maternity Lotus Yoga and Pumping Bra is amazing for whenever you get back to a yoga or fitness routine and great seamlessly incorporate in your daily nursing wardrobe.

4. Whenever you are sore coming home from the hospital whether you had a vaginal birth or c-section, the Mama Strut will be your go-to. It has inserts to help either apply cool or heat to your problem areas and also straps your stomach in to help your uterus shrink back to regular size. Cures multiple problems with one awesome tool!

5. I used Mumsie Naturals Stretch Mark Relief Cream towards the end of my pregnancy and after I cam home from the hospital because not only does it help prevent stretch marks, but it helps to relieve them. It’s super moisturizing and you will want to rub it on problem areas multiple times each day because it feels so good!

I can’t recommend how much having these goodies ready to go after giving birth have helped me cope with my day to day. I know that your new little babe needs tons of attention, but you won’t be able to do anything for her or him if you aren’t taking care of yourself, too. And when you’re ready, here’s some great styles for postpartum clothing – because I know how much time it takes to transition back!

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