Branden’s First Day Of Kindergarten

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first day of kindergarden collage

I know, I know…he looks pretty darn cute in the above picture from the first day of kindergarten. And when you see that smiling face looking up at you, you would have a hard time being mad or even being able to believe that such a precious little angel could ever do anything bad, at which I would laugh in your face and explain how wrong you actually are.

What gets me, is when he is begging for something and says, “sweet please, Mommy.” Yup…he knows how to get what he wants whenever I’m around. Except for this past Tuesday, when he did something so wrong and embarrassing, that I had to sprint to the bathroom and close the door before I could let out the chuckles that I did NOT want him to see.

Tuesday started off great! We took Branden to school promptly at 8am and came home to have some coffee. I then jumped in the shower and got ready for a fun photo shoot that I was doing that day (you will hear more about that at the end of the month). We went throughout the day as planned.  When we got home, I ran to make meatballs for our pasta dinner and Chris went to pick the little guy up from school.

As they walked through our apartment door about twenty minutes later, I didn’t hear the normal father son chitter chatter and immediately my Mama intuition kicked in, and I knew something was wrong.

Chris approached me and said to Branden, “do you want to tell Mommy, or should I?”

“Oh no,” I thought, “how bad could this be?”

Branden decided that Daddy should be the bearer of the bad news.

“Branden pulled the fire alarm at school today.” He said, ending with a sigh.

“HE DID WHAT????” Was my exact response. My mind instantly raced back to my own elementary school experience and being nervous to even just  be around the fire alarm. I honestly don’t even know how to make one go off because I had a mini anxiety attack each and every time I came within a few feet of one, terrorized by the thought that I could somehow bump into it and set it off. Then, there was my son who boldly walked up the fire alarm, completely fearless, unaware of what that sound means, and pulled it!

It turned out that they had practiced his first fire drill ever at school that day, and at the very end of the day as everyone was getting ready to leave school, Branden decided he wanted more practice. Yup…more practice.

Upon hearing this, I of course turned to Chris and smirked, “practice makes perfect, right?” Needless to say, my hubby wasn’t amused, as he was still getting over the shock of witnessing his son pull the fire alarm at school.

So I suppose the moral of this story is that sometimes, just sometimes, practicing once is alright.

Have you ever experienced a ”WTF?” moment with your kiddos? Tell me so I know I’m not the only one who didn’t see this coming!

Fashionably Yours,


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