How To Be More Focused When Traveling With Your Family

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Traveling with your whole crew can be overwhelming. Here’s how to be more focused and make lasting memories – while putting your family first.

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how to be more focused

How To Be More Focused When Traveling With Your Family

If you’ve been following me on social media, you can see that we’ve been traveling and are finally home to tell the tale. All jokes aside, we had a really great trip and it was a much needed vacation as we hadn’t done a big one like this (we went to Orlando and did Universal while I popped in and out of the BlogHer conference) in a couple years. It was really important to me to try to put work aside and make how to be more focused with my family my priority – to take the opportunity to re-connent after a busy school year and schedules that are all over the place.

Travel can be difficult with babies, so I’ve put together some great resources for you all to help you stay organized. Here’s my overlooked tips for traveling with a baby.

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Tips for how to be more focused

In fact, it was more than just important to me, being present with my family was something that I was determined to make happen. I did a little planning and some research ahead of time, but here’s what worked the best for me.

Put down the phone.

I know how much we want to check in on social media and refresh our emails, but putting down the phone was pertinent for me to being present. In fact, one day at the pool, my husband accidentally brought my phone up to the room with him while he put Blake down for a nap and I spent 4 glorious hours laying in the sun and floating round and round the lazy river with Branden. It was a blessing in disguise.


In fact, bring a camera.

If you’re like me, my excuse for always having my phone by my side is so I can capture the perfect pictures – but I found a resolution to this. Bring. A. Camera. I know we all use the one on our phones, but making this small investment kinda saved us. Having a camera by my side still allowed me to capture some pretty awesome pictures, but it eliminated the need to immediately upload to social media and spend time there. Instead, I was focussing on my family.


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 Plan and organize ahead of time.

I made lots of lists and planned so much of our trip ahead of time so that I didn’t even need to think about it once we arrived at our destination (aka a huge stress relief). A huge part of that came from getting the kids packed, planning out outfits from our favorite, Carters – and even having snacks, baby food and diapers shipping to the hotel to free up space in our suitcases.


Pack extra clothes.

Kids go through clothes like crazy, which is why time and time again, I turn to Carter’s for their Baby Must Haves for Blake – perfect for baby’s first year. They have the cutest baby clothes in the collections, which include: Little Baby Basics, Easy Outfit Sets, Little Collections, and Sleepwear and I’m constantly buying from them all. This trip, I especially loved the Easy Outfit Sets and Little Collections because I was able to have things like her bathing suit and cover-up bought together as well as the super cute patterned jogger pants – perfect for the evening. I stocked up ahead of time like a crazy shopper, but Carter’s really is that effortless destination for me to get her everything she needs. (You can find a store near you right here.)


Go with the flow.

This is a tough one for me because I’m a planner at heart, but just going with the flow allowed us to be present and connect more. For instance, I had made reservations ahead of time at Disney Springs one night that would have required us leaving the pool early, showering and taking the shuttle there. It sounded like a fun idea when we were planning, but in reality, it was vacation and everyone just wanted to relax – so we cancelled and ate by the pool, together. And everyone was happy.

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  1. Love the pictures! 🙂

  2. These are great tips. Traveling with little ones requires some preparation otherwise you risk working MUCH too hard on your vacation.

  3. Great tips and OMG I want to squeeze those cheeks!!! Love that you remember to get in the pictures.

  4. Your daughter is adorable! Great tips — sometimes we overschedule ourselves on vacation because we don’t want to miss a thing, and then we do because we’re rushing. I had a much better time this year at Disney because I added in extra time and wasn’t stressed about seeing everything.

  5. She is too cute!! I love the 2 piece tassel outfit. Thanks for the coupon. Great idea to bring the real camera too. I often forget.

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