How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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If you are a mommy to be, you are looking for tips for how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. So today, I’m sharing the path I am taking with Shoosha, a Food Grade Organic must-have for both mom and baby (it also helps stretch marks after pregnancy).

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How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

My belly is changing, and if you are pregnant mama, then yours is, too! Preventing stretch marks during pregnancy is a huge concern to me because I managed to do it the first time around and would like to keep my belly stretch mark free as much as possible this time around, too. I mentioned last week that I would be sharing my secret so this week – so here it is!

Tips For Preventing Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

I just started my stretch mark prevention efforts this week at 17 weeks because I can start to feel a stretching in my skin and just knew that it was time. I was lucky not to get any stretch marks during my first pregnancy and I decided that I was going to do my very best to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy this time, too.  Last year, I met the owner of one of my favorite companies, and knew that once we got pregnant again that Shoosha would become a part of my pregnancy journey and belly story. I want to stress that this isn’t a sponsored post, as I reached out to Shoosha after meeting with their owner last year and following their story. I really stand behind these products and wanted to shed light on the importance of using these truly organic (food grade organic to be exact) products for mama and baby everyday. You can read more about their baby products here. 

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy (or any other point in your life for that matter) doesn’t have to be some huge mystery or difficult task, it simply takes using the right product everyday. For me, its Shoosha’s Stretch Mark Serum. And to be honest, I have friends who I have recommended this serum to that aren’t pregnant, but use it to help get rid of scars and stretch marks – it helps tremendously!


Shoosha Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum is on sale for only $30 on Amazon!

You can use the serum alone at night and then add the serum to their baby lotion for the day.  (Yes, I share this lotion with my little one!) You can also use the stretch mark serum as a facial serum, as well. It smells absolutely amazing and won’t leave you sticky, just feeling great! I find myself sitting in bed at night and rubbing my belly at the end of the day anyways, just because I feel so tight, so keeping this bedside to add to the massage is fantastic!

Not only does this stretch mark serum help prevent stretch marks, it also helps to repair an environmental damage and may help fade scar tissue. The oil consists of an organic blend of rejuvenating and skin repairing therapeutic oils such as Neroli, Rose Hip, Tamanu, Lavender and Borage – all effective for supporting skin cell regeneration. Once you get this in your hands, you will never want to use anything else!


It works to fade stretch marks after pregnancy, too.

Seriously, your questions of how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy have been answered, as Shoosha’s serum is simply the best. And lastly, if you’re trying to find other cosmetics that are safe and healthy for your body while carrying your little ones, I have a whole list of pregnancy specific beauty products and cosmetics here. 

It’s also important to add that this serum also works to help fade stretch marks after pregnancy – but it truly doesn’t stop there! I have a dear friend who has been using this to fade her acne scars and it works better than anything else on the market that she’s tried.

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  1. This would have been a great product when I was pregnant with my youngest who’s almost 10 months old!

  2. I was blessed not to have stretch marks with either of my three pregnancies. I didn’t take it for granted, took good care if my skin and diet. Shoosha products sound amazing! I love that they are committed to truly organic, GMO free skincare. Our skin is our biggest organ and I don’t put anything on my skin I would not be okay eating. This would be a great serum to keep on hand no matter what.

    • Allison Cooper says:

      So, so true Valerie! I love everything that this company stands for and unlike many products on the market, feel confident about using on myself and my family. How lucky of you to not get any stretch marks! I’m praying that I make it through the second pregnancy with none!

  3. I wish I would have used something like this when I was pregnant. I don’t have terrible stretch marks – but they definitely got worse with each pregnancy! Sounds like this works great.

  4. When I was pregnant I thought I was going to not get stretch marks because I was already at seven months along. Then they all sudden popped up and at that point it was just too late LOL. I would have loved something like this back when I was pregnant.

  5. I love that so much. I wish this had been around when I was pregnant. Back in the day, the only way to prevent stretch marks was to cross your fingers and hope. LOL

  6. I miraculously somehow dodged stretch marks for both of my pregnancies. These are some wonderful tips though!!

  7. I am not pregnant but have the evidence of prior pregnancies on my tummy. I am going to see if this lotion helps and I am going to let all my pregnant friends and relatives know about it.

  8. I tried everything for my stretch marks when I was pregnant, but I was also pregnant for 30 out of 38 months and two of those three kids weighed in at over 9 pounds. I don’t think anything was going to help.

  9. Oh I remember getting stretch marks with my pregnancy. I am no longer having children but I know some mommas who are pregnant to share this with

  10. Even though I’m not pregnant I would like to try this on the stretch marks I do have. I’ll have to see if I can get it around here.

  11. Really bad memories about my stretch marks, so bad I had a tummy tuck. I wish I knew then what I know now.

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