Calling All Rectangle Body Shapes: Bathing Suits That Fit

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Calling all rectangle body shapes! This bathing suit shopping guide will help you choose the right suits to lounge poolside in!

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Calling All Rectangle Body Shapes: Bathing Suits That Fit

Can you believe that we have made it through 5 weeks of bathing suit talk? It amazes me how much there is to say about bathing suit shopping for each body shape, but at the same time there really is so much more to be said. Bathing suit shopping is a tricky thing, after all. If you are a rectangle body shapes, I’m sure that you have been waiting with bated breath for your turn, and now it is finally here! Time to say buh-bye to those boyish figures on the beach and easily enhance your curves.

Tips Bathing Suit Shopping For the Rectangle Body Shapes

If you are one of the rectangle body shapes, then you are well aware of your more athletic figure that is straight up and down, resembling a rectangle. Typically, it appears as if your shoulders, hips and waist are around the same size, creating the rectangle body shape.

Major takeaway: pack on the accessories: Overall, accessories will be your best friend in your daily life, specifically belts and pieces that appear to give you a seemingly curvy shape.

Whenever you are bathing suit shopping, you want to continue with that mentality. Obviously, you want to focus on fit, as with any body shape, but opt for bikinis over one pieces as they will accentuate the appeal of your boyish figure and make you appear curvaluscious! The bikini will actually help break up your straight up and down lines, but look for ones that are triangle shapes to add to the curve appeal. In addition, if you aren’t comfortable enough for a two piece, look for a one piece that has a sweetheart neckline, bringing you some curves there.

Shop our favorite pieces for the rectangle body shapes!

Looking for more rectangle body shapes clothing goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

So try to picture yourself and your rectangular body shapes as one of those agile and fit women volleyball players in the Olympics!  Trot out your lithe body, your fitness,  and your lack of lumpy fat deposits with pride!  Many suits will look good on you if you give yourself a chance, and you might want to check out  the trend toward an athletic wear look in bathing suits. You’ll look like a medal winner, for sure!

And if we haven’t stressed this enough for these past five weeks, let’s say it one more time, for all of our body shapes:  how you look and how you feel on the beach has EVERYTHING to do with your attitude.  Once you choose your most becoming of suits, get your head up, back straight, walk tall, and WORK IT! Slumping will not make you look invisible, just visibly uncomfortable.  Remember to pack some confidence when you head out for the waters in your fab new suit.

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P.S…If you enjoyed this post, you will also love our tips and tricks that we discussed in last week’s Bathing Suit Shopping For The Hourglass Shape...even it that isn’t your body shape!  Who knows, maybe the Project Motherhood Swimsuit Editions will become just as popular with women as that one that comes out in February is with men!

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