Rectangle Body Shape Confessions – Featuring “PaTinka’s World”

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It’s confession day! I’m so excited to introduce you to the fashionista behind the blog “PaTinka’s World” because not only is she a fellow New Yorker, but a friend. I met this pretty lady at one of my INTRO NYC webinars. (If you are a blogger and looking to build your business – INTRO NYC would love to help!) Anyways, you can’t miss Patinka’s brilliant red hair when she is walking down the street, and her style is just as cool as her hair as she rocks her rectangle body shape!rectangle-body-shape-patinkas-world

PaTinka’s World Shares Her Rectangle Body Shape Confession

Presented in both Polish and English, this globe trotter turned fashion blogger started out by chronicling her travel adventures through pictures and instantly had her readers yearning for more! Now, she shares her style – a mixture of high end and fashion deals she is more than enthusiastic to gush about – and presents it all through her eyes, giving you insight to the way she sees the world. Today, Patrycja, the blogger with the fiery style, shares with us how she tackles the ups and downs of her rectangle body shape. AND – don’t forget to check out her blog HERE!

How would you describe your style?patinka2

Funky, edgy, and trendy

What are your biggest body shape struggles?

My small chest!

What are your favorite parts about your body shape?

I can’t complain – I am pretty lucky. I do like my shape. I would love to have more curves, though! 🙂

What are 3 tips that you can share about mastering dressing your body shape?

Belts! Belts! Belts! I wear them on coats dresses – everything!  Also, a good push up bra! Eye catching colors, ! accessories, and prints!

What is your body shape confession?

Learn it and work it! Good news is you can get away with almost everything!

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