How To Dress A Rectangle Body Shape: Denim That Fits!

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Here’s out ultimate guide for how to dress a rectangle body shape and help you find denim that not only fits but looks fantastic every time!

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How To Dress A Rectangle Body Shape: Denim That Fits!

As we move into the rectangle body shape, our final installment in the denim series, we can reflect back on how important the perfect pair of denim really is! My tip overall is that whenever you find one that makes you feel magical, buy a few pairs in different washes, no matter the cost. Over time, the perfect denim will become absolutely priceless to you! So here we go rectangles, let’s jump right into my tips for how to dress a rectangle body shape and find you all the perfect denim that truly fits.

Denim Shopping For the Rectangle Body Shape

With the rectangle body shape being known for the up and down rectangle-like silhouette, it’s important to focus on denim which will enhance your figure and give you a curve instead of drawing attention to your boyish frame. You can read more information about the details of the rectangle body shape HERE.

  • To create the illusion of  a defined waist, opt for low rise options.
  • Many different denim silhouettes will work great on the rectangle body shape, from skinny jeans to wide legs, because they have a shape to them.
  • Washes: If you are an ultra petite rectangle shape, try to aim for lighter washes, as these will give the illusion that your legs and hips are wider and your waist is smaller. Instant curves!
  • Avoid: Wide leg bell bottoms, cargo styles, and denim with any embellishments, as this will make your figure appear boyish.

How to dress a rectangle body shape, denims style:

Looking for more how to dress a rectangle body shape goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

So happy denim, shopping, lovely rectangles, and all of our other body shapes, too!  How to dress a rectangle body shape doesn’t have to be as difficult as it may seem and I hope these tips have been helpful for you all! Let us know about finding the perfect pair of denim for your body shape!

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