Blazers For The Rectangular Body Shape

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These blazers for the rectangular body shape will honestly leave you wanting to wear one every single day – dress them up or down, your choice!

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Blazers For The Rectangular Body Shape

So we have been talking shopping for blazers for the various body shapes for a few weeks now, and I realized that there is an important component that affects them all that we haven’t touched on yet – color! I just wanted to point out and probably remind you all not to be afraid of color, especially whenever you are investing in a well made, well tailored blazer. As long as you are buying a blazer (rectangular body shape or not) that you are planning on keeping for a long time, start with the neutrals (black, being, ivory, navy) and then slowly expand your blazer wardrobe.

I purchased a tomato red blazer a couple of years ago, and I can promise you this: on days where I’m having trouble deciding what to wear, throwing that blazer on over-top some skinny jeans with an oversized tee looks good, without even trying!

Shopping For Blazers For The Rectangular Body Shape

Avoid: Being a rectangular body shape, you are well aware that you must avoid anything too up and down. Avoid pieces that are longer, hitting below your hip, because that will only make you appear even more rectangle!

Look For: You want to search for blazers that will add some shape and curves to your body. There are amazing blazers out there with waists that cinch or buttons that will give you a curvy illusion! Lastly, make sure that your blazers are always well tailored to your rectangle frame.

Fabrication: The lucky rectangle shape body can have lots of fun with fabrication and volume whenever it comes to blazers! Thinner, more voluminous fabrics will strategically add curves in the places you are yearning for them! You can be more playful and search for blazers that are embellished.

Silhouettes: More than a silhouette for the rectangular shape body, make sure to focus on fit. Shorter, more tailored silhouettes will be best to compliment your overall figure.

Shop our favorite blazers for the rectangular body shape:

Looking for more rectangle body shape clothing goodness? I’ve got everything you need here:

The truth is that blazers are truly a gem of a piece of clothing for the rectangle body shape because there are so many different shapes and opportunities to give your typically straight body the shape of the blazer. There are lightweight ones for warmer months and heavier ones for winter, ones with belts and buttons and so many embellishments that they are truly going to become your go-to piece!


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