Reinventing My Postpartum Style

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Okay, I’ll admit it: leggings have been my jam lately. And you know what? Rightfully so because easing back into dressing in your pre-pregnancy clothes after you just had a baby is not always a fun situation. Some things fit right away – others not so much. Some things get set aside for when the weight is dropped and others just get tossed. For me, I’m trying to ease back into it all slowly, and leggings have been a big part of that journey.


Denim leggings are seriously the bomb because they go with literally everything. Because they are super forgiving, I’m able to focus a little bit less on that size tag and more on how I’m actually feeling. My current favorites are the No Nonsese Classic Denim Jegging, as they are pretty much perfection up against my skin.


It’s all about layering with me lately and I have no problem admitting that it’s because it helps hide that little something something around my mid-section that wasn’t there before. As I looked through my closet recently, I realized that I didn’t have much in terms of the pattern or texture department, so I decided to make playing with those two wardrobe components my goals as I entered into reinventing my postpartum style. This peplum blouse is from TJMaxx online where I’ve been finding quite a bit of fashion gems lately. Before having kids, I used to visit TJMaxx and spend hours playing dress-up in their fitting rooms. After kids – not so much. Online is just better for my lifestyle right now.


And of course, this fun, fringe vest just brings everything together. I’ve been drawn to vests quite a bit lately, but this one has been hanging in my closet for quite some time. It’s super lightweight, making it perfect for laying – especially when I overheat quickly baby wearing Blake. You can find a similar one here.


Shop these pieces here:

How are you reinventing your stye after having kids?

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  1. I just found a nursing-friendly zip-up top at T.J. Maxx too!

    Also – yay for leggings. So comfortable for the first few months postpartum (and beyond)!

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